On Purpose

What matters, is not how others see you,or even how you see yourself. In my journey, I have experienced failures, a life of mistakes and hurt just to name a few. Like me, many of you have seen dreams remain just dreams ,your ideas becomes a small clot in your memories. My strength to keep going was weakening and I was slowly losing myself within myself ! Like a beautiful rose all of my God gifted talents were fading and shrinking, locked away in a place to be kept safe. At least that’s what I believed……. but a gift unwrapped is a gift that can’t be seen or heard by those that are waiting on your entrance! You see, It took God to show me, that your talent is not to be buried…… but however that’s exactly what I was doing, when you keep it (gift) to yourself and that isn’t God’s intent of purpose. God purposed me to be a light on the hill for the world to see, not to be hidden or darken because of fear,rejection,judged, denied, misunderstood, insecurities and just plain ole troubles on every side. The truth is God already knew this and has prepared a way! What God purposed, He also prepared! The Lord is my light and my salvation, who shall I fear ,who shall I be afraid.  I will trust Him, for He has said, in His word that I am fearfully and wonderfully made! I’m more than conqueror in Christ Jesus and He has given me everything that I need ,to be what he has already established. He knew me before I was even in my mother’s womb. God has already ready purposed and prepared my destiny. So let not your heart be troubled, fear no man! Let no fear take you into bondage but be free in the power of Jesus and ‘Go’ purposely into your journey!

Jeremiah 29:11

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