A letter of a Mother’s Heart

From the moment of hearing your heart beat, it echoed such a sweet sweet sound to my ears. I smiled excitedly my voice quietly whisper,” you’re beautiful”. I thought to myself….a new life is beginning inside of  me,  but it was also a new beginning for me! With the thump thump of your heart and the pitter patter of my heart wow, what a rush of excitement and joy all rolled up into one, made me laugh uncontrollably every time I heard it. My first moment of holding you was with my heart , my first time of loving you was the sound of your heart beating (beautiful), I loved you completely!  I held you in my heart and in my thoughts. I dream of you at night and imagine everything about you in the pleasures of daydreaming. How could I love so deeply from the moment of knowing your existence? I lower my hands to my stomach and held it(you) closely. As you continue to develop, I watch my body alter as it changed to accommodate you, quickly you went from a pouch to a round mound crested as though it was made and design just for this purpose only! I mean I couldn’t imagine any other parts of my body being able to carry you and look so beautiful doing it. I thought to myself , God you’re so awesome! You thought of everything so perfectly. My stomach was a safe temporary home for a small person growing rapidly inside of me. Bonding was an ongoing thing , I was constantly singing to you , talking to you and whispering prayers to God for you! Here we are now sharing late night snacks together , I even ate what you were craving (yuck) but it’s all good, we suffer through morning sickness together, but its all good we made it through, my favorite was the enjoyment we had as a team! There was many countless days of all you can eat appetites like Champs (lol) hey we were a team from the beginning. We slept often, sometimes you didn’t like my sleeping position and you would wake me  ,sometimes you didn’t like your sleeping positions and you would wake me! Which were more often than not. I wouldn’t have traded anything  for this experience, for anything different, that’s just how beautiful it all was to me. Each day you brought me something beautiful, the experience of loving you more. So as I eagerly anticipated your arrival,you and I meeting in person, I know it won’t feel like the first time…….. What I do know is , it won’t be like I imagine , but still “You’re beautiful”.

Song of Songs 4:7

You are altogether beautiful, my darling;there is no flaw in you. My darling;there is no flaw in you.

“Beauty is the essence of one soul and the soul bares many doors but the one that leads to love is the greatest treasure of all because it holds the fruits of love.”


Sista on the sofa