Seven Day’s of Love Challenge

I hope all my readers have been enjoying the month of February so far. Recently the love languages talk has been a topic of a lot of my conversations. I remember my first introduction of the love languages. I was doing my practicum at a behavioral health hospital with some of thee absolute best therapist I have ever encountered. I was sitting in on a group session and the women were expressing how they did not feel loved in their marriages. The therapist suggested that they read Gary Chapman book, The Five Love Languages…fast forward ten years from now it is still a hot topic. Now this book purpose should not be used to determine if someone is right or wrong for you, its purpose is to zone in on the idea that we all show and receive love differently. I had my 12 year old daughter take the love language quiz to ensure that I was giving her love, the way that she wanted to receive it. It has definitely been such a drastic change in her demeanor after intentionally showing her that I love her in a way she can interpret my love. I believe wisdom is power and God aligns things on purpose, so that we can live out his will for our lives.  So God placed on my heart to do seven days of Love challenge leading up to Valentine’s Day, different ways to show your significant other that you love them based off of their primary love languages. I pray that you walk away with some new ideas and feel connected and closer to the people you love the most!


Quality Time, Physical Touch, Words of affirmation.

Take a scenic drive, I read this date idea and fell in love with it. You will have your partner flip a coin. For heads you make a right and for tails you make a left. Do this at every intersection, you can decide on where you want it to end. While you are riding you can incorporate a playlist of your favorite songs where the lyrics are a reflection of your feelings. My primary love language is physical touch, so I like to rub your head, face, and beard or hands….remember your personal boundaries if you are just single and not married and delight in one another!

Quality time, Acts of Duty, Physical Touch

In the previous post I discussed how exciting cooking with one another could be, so let’s build off of that momentum. Are you guy’s familiar with the cooking show Iron Chef? If not let me give you some background knowledge. You and your partner will compete in a timed cook-off using a secret ingredients. I think this is a great idea for competitive couples and you get to be creative by coming up with a delicious recipe. (Suggestion one of you can create an appetizer, while the other creates the main dish) This way you both parties can enjoy one another dish and essentially yall are serving one another!

Quality time, Physical Touch, Acts of Duty

If you are feeling creative, try setting up your own drive in movie theatre. I have seen this done several ways, some people set up a projector in their driveways. Others set up a laptop in their car……It is a million ideas on Pinterest so do whatever is suitable for you. I think it would be great to set it up together, pick out one another’s preferred snacks and junk food, and indulge in your favorite classic movies to make it a night that you both will always remember!

Quality Time, Physical touch, Gifts

Painting is a perfect idea for couples to connect with one another (it is so relaxing), take time to spend with one another as you show off your creative abilities. Plus you can gift one another with the paintings that you both created!

Quality time, Physical Touch, Words of Affirmation

Create a video collage with music and images of your choice to show your spouse how much you really do love them. How you choose to reveal it is up to you, it can be a social media post or something shared just between the two of you. The goal is to show your love, how much you appreciate them and how they add value to your life!

Quality Time, Gifts, Words of Affirmation and Physical Touch.

A surprise picnic is a perfect way to incorporate several of the love languages, send a love note to your partner and let them know you have set up a special surprise lunch picnic. The picnic could take place on the job, at a local park, hotel room or your living room etc., whatever is suitable for you and your mate. You can have a gift waiting for them as well as all the picnic food necessities. This is such a sweet and simple gesture that really does go a long way.

Gifts, Words of Affirmation and Physical Touch

To me the best part about receiving a gift is the thought process that goes into the gift. Sending a meaningful surprise gift through the mail is definitely something that will leave a lasting expression on your lovers’ heart. So think about something that they have been wanting but didn’t buy it and surprise them with a gift and a sweet message to go with it.

Acts of Duty and Words of Affirmation

Some of the best gifts are so simple, tell your honey to relax and take it easy, while you prepare their favorite meal for breakfast. Remember presentation is everything, so present it well with a sweet note to match. This is a way to show your spouse how special they are to you without breaking your pockets or you putting in a lot of time.

Physical Touch, Quality Time and Acts of Duty

No sitter for the kids but you definitely want to get romantic or you are just too tired to go out anywhere….well no problem, create a love shack, lay out rose petals, champagne or bubbly juice, chocolate covered strawberries, candles and whatever else you need to set the atmosphere. You don’t have to go anywhere to indulge in one another and enjoy each other’s company.

Acts of duty, Physical Touch, Quality Time, Gifts

One of my favorite gift ideas are creating a coupon jar. The coupons should be items that reflect things that your spouse enjoys. I made one for my best friends that included a pizza making night, movie night, road trip, comedy show, brunch and other items. Remember the coupon jar is special because it should contain everything that your spouse enjoys. Let them know they can redeem a coupon daily if you are participating in the seven days of love challenge or have a time apart of how often your partner can redeem the coupons.

Acts of duty, Gifts, Quality Time, Physical Touch and Words of Affirmation

This year one of my best friends is getting away for Valentine’s Day. I think this is a great idea for couples who can afford to travel during this time. Come up with a catchy way to surprise your spouse, have the schedule planned out, clothes and toiletries and tell them to meet you at the airport, want to go further? Tape the whole experience, so it I something you two can always share and look back on!

I hope this blog post was helpful with coming up with new ways to show the people that we love the most that we appreciate them and are happy that are a part of our lives. In everything we do I believe it is important to be intentional that includes our love life as well. It is so easy to take one another for granted so I challenge you all in these upcoming days to try at least seven different things to do to show you love your spouse, siblings, children or whoever is in your life. Feel free to modify or accommodate any suggestions to intentionally gear for the people in your life J  happy readings and I can’t wait to hear how this challenge has affected in you a positive way!

And remember as we walk intentionally in love what the bible reminds us

Galatians 5:13

Serve one another

Ephesians 4:32
Be kind and compassionate to one another

John 13:34
Love one another

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