When something of value or important goes missing we begin to search frantically until it’s found. We will search high and low pulling out everything, in every place, in search of what we consider great value!  We will tear up the whole house and when it’s found we rejoice with gladness not caring about what it took to get back what was lost.

I remember a particular day of an outing with my children,  all 7 of them we were attending a day of activities hosted by a well-known organization and the attendees were well above 1000 people and I remember parking the car and reminded the older kids to keep an eye on their younger siblings especially the youngest one ( that tender age of 2 yrs. old) and I would say by time that we enter into the park with our group tickets to my dismay the youngest was nowhere in sight and immediately everyone became overwhelmed with grave concerns! One moment he was there and the next one he was gone! My heart began to pound excessively, I began to fear the unimaginable, l suggested for the older children to pair up with one another…… and began to search as I went along through what I had now consider everyone as a suspect,  weaving my way in and out of the grounds, heavily occupied with a massive of amount people who had now triple the amount of my earlier estimated count. I happen to come upon a pond and thought the worst!!! Frantically I search in every booth in my path being careful not to call out unto him for fear that if someone had him they would certainly disappear into the large groups of the people half way through the area in which I was searching. My oldest daughter appear with none other (the lost one) my God!  I rejoice so much in pure joy that he was found.  I couldn’t even be upset at him the tremendous joy I had remove every feeling of hopelessness, fear and every other ugly thoughts that came to mind when he was lost. My kids began to tell me the way I sent them to search they immediately found him in the Jumping Castle with his shoes neatly nested by the entrance having himself a good time! Thank God he was found safe.

How often do we forget what is important and valuable until we no longer have it? We have become so involved in the hustle of everyday life that we have separated from those things that really matters like (our family, our spouses, our community, our spiritual relationship with God; has been placed somewhere in I’ll get to it later. When we’re finally ready to address the worth, the love, and appreciation for what really matters in our life for most of us later…. it may end up being too late! In the natural we often take things for granted. We should thrive to be more like God, how He values all of His people lives. He will never write us off as invaluable or put us away because He loves each and every one of His children and has great compassion for us all. He will always come for us…. all that are damage, the broken heart, messed up,sick and hopeless….. what we would deemed as not worthy or of great concerns. For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son to bear the sin of the world.  God says I will never leave you or forsaken you. God is always near us.  His loves stretched over all, the ones that has been with Him and obeys Him and equally over the lost. The opportunity that will come again unto us, let’s plant life into a discourage person, encourage someone else child, hug someone that’s hurting, mourn with those that mourns, pray for all, for somebody surely prayed for you! Observing is no longer an option in these times ahead of us, get involved in the lives of people in our community….. Somebody needs to know that Jesus loves and cares for them!! In our home pray for your children, over your children, and let your children see you pray, speak life into their lives and into the lives of young people who are falling for wrong over right. Go back to the old ways when we took everything to God in prayer and we trust and believe God heard the prayers and He would answer. Let us begin again to value our spouses, children, family and everything else that God values. It begins with every one of us to do our part somebody life depends on it.

Lord I prayed that that every heart will be humble to seek to be more like you! Amen

Sincerely ,

A Sista on the Sofa Mona