Honoring all Mothers

In honor of Mother’s day this year. I wanted to make a post about loving on your loved ones whose mothers have passed away. I have several friends whose mothers are no longer with us. As much as I want to be there for them, I don’t understand that pain. However I believe that being a follower of Christ I have a responsibility to serve one another with hospitality. We should mourn with those who mourn.

A lot of times we get so carried away in our day to day lives that we forget about those in mourning, especially during the holiday seasons. Mother’s day is a great time to celebrate all the mothers we know and it can be a trying time for those who no longer have their mothers present on earth.

God placed it on my heart this year to include them in a mother’s day celebration. My friend Ashley started a new tradition of celebrating mothers, I suggested that we include women who may not be mothers but their moms have passed away. Ashley mother is also no longer with us and I truly believe that God is constantly using her to be a great witness of who he is, so of course she jumped on the idea.

We are doing a balloon release at our dinner for all the ladies in attendance and honoring all mothers. The balloon release included prayers for our children and letters to the moms who are no longer here physically. I am truly excited about this event and I can’t wait for it to grow every year!

I believe we should show love throughout the entire year not just for an occasion. So here are a few tips to help our loved ones through their grieving.

  1. Be mindful of the words you speak! Your words can offer your friend such comfort and peace. They will thank you for fewer words with deeper meaning! Through my own personal experience I allow my friends to speak only, I may say I can’t imagine what you are going through however I am here for you. Really be there and present. Just those little words go a long way.
  2. Speaking of being present what does that look like? It could be bringing them food, home goods, cleaning up for them, treating them to a spa day, even pictures. One year my friend Patrice made everyone that was related to Ashley a photo album of pictures of her mom. (How sweet and thoughtful) Small gestures really go a long way……..life does get busy but remember those emotions will last a lifetime, so check on your loved ones.
  3. Finally help them remember their loved ones, celebrate their birthdays by going to dinner with them. My cousin and I did our balloon release for my Auntie who passed and I believe it was comforting for both us. It is perfectly ok to honor those who are no longer here and you want your loved ones to feel comfort in knowing that as well.

My prayer for anyone who has loss their mothers. I pray God that you will give them peace this year, that you will fill their heart up with joy, that you would give their loved ones compassion in their heart to care for them and make them feel safe. Take any fear and reservations away from the mourning to want to self-medicate or isolate, and allow them to have freedom and comfort from this day forward. I’m trusting and believing in this word, in Jesus name I pray amen.

Happy Mother’s day!


A Sista on the sofa