Just In Time For Valentine’s Day 2.0

I believe that my purpose on earth, was to help restore relationships (self-love, marriage, families and friendships). One area that I am extremely passionate about is being intentional about the time spent with loved ones. I noticed that a lot of people with young children, do not necessarily have the luxury of going out every week for date night. After watching my friend’s toddler this past weekend, I definitely understand why. The unfortunate reality about not investing in your relationship however what we don’t feed is will die. Over half of marriages end in divorce and I don’t about you both those statistics are absolutely alarming. So this year I wanted to dedicate my annual date night ideas for those couples with a family.

  1. In our busy worlds it is easy to get caught up in our day to day routine. Because of this millennial reality I think it is beneficial to have a no technology night. Unplug everything: TV’s, computers, cellphones, music etc. to block out the noise from the world and reconnect with your partner. When it comes to activities I believe it depends on you and your partner. I would however suggest conversation starters, gratitude journaling or even just a traditional love letter writing. Whatever you choose the purpose is to remind one another that you come first and because you choose to make those love deposits, it will spill over in other areas of your life.
  2. On Thanksgiving, we were all full and lethargic, not interacting what so ever and I decided to play a game of Karaoke battle (YouTube). It literally changed the whole dynamic of our evening. So why not have your own karaoke night with your partner. It doesn’t require much prep time and you can share all of your favorite old schools song and favorite new music….. (My daughter wouldn’t let me put bop)
  3. So typically most couples lay in the bed and watch a movie. So a great way to put a twist on your ordinary movie night is setting up a movie night kit. It doesn’t require much prep time either…all you need is to include two movie tickets( you can add a sweet note on your ticket for your spouse, yall favorite snacks and beverages and you got yourself a quick and simple yet intentional night of viewing.
  4. I saw this idea on Pinterest about a Cuddle kit (blanket, favorite marathon of a show, make a special treat, wine/champagne, and candles). It is so simple and definitely ideal after a long week.
  5. Since it is Valentine’s Day I thought it wasn’t a bad idea to spice it up a notch even at the house. I like the idea of creating your own Love Shack. This date does require a little more prep time however it is definitely worth the effort. In your shack you can include: chocolate covered strawberries, champagne, rose petals (similar to how the hotel does it), and incorporate more sensual games (caution this is for my married couples), the idea is to create a night that you and your spouse will be thinking about for months to come.
  6. I am a counselor so I am all for self-care. The beauty of having a partner is you both can look after one another. Creating an at home spa night is easy and doesn’t require too much of your time. I made a self-care basket with spa essentials in under 45 minutes. If you want set the bar high for Valentine’s Day you can make some cucumber water, a little bubbly, a candy bar, candles, and spa music from your favorite streaming app.
  7. When I spend time with my family or friends some of my favorite moments are when we are all sitting around laughing and playing old school games (connect four, Uno, cards, dominoes etc.) Sometimes you have to take things back, to when they were easy and just enjoy one another. This is definitely my ideal date night J
  8. Now yall know I love a little friendly competition and I see myself in the near future hosting a Valentine’s Day theme couple’s party and playing the The Newlywed Game…. (This is a great way to see how much yall really know about each other). You can do this date night idea alone or as a group.
  9. We all love to travel, and finally admitting to be a self-proclaimed foodie, one of my favorite things to do when I travel is try new restaurants and foods I never had before. I love cooking with my partner so around the world cooking date night is very ideal for me. I think cooking together allows you to have intimate moments and share a new experience, which helps you grow as a couple. So pick a country and tell your spouse to prepare for an evening to arouse all of their senses.
  10. Last but not least, I recently shared this idea with one of my best friends. With work, children and let’s be honest sometimes not having enough energy they have a hard time getting out the house. So I suggested why not bring her favorite things to her place: music, food and great wine. Indoor wine tasting. To prepare for this date you need: various types of wine, research the right kind of cheese, grapes, breads /crackers that go best with your wine. To add flavor to your date night you can create a printable of the types of wines and what they should be paired with, put on your preferred cocktail dress and have your mate dress up as well, you can even enjoy a slow dance with your favorite person to close out the night.

In closing I just want to remind all of my couples with children and without the importance of setting time for one another. If you want to maintain a high quality relationship, you have to stay current in what is going on in one another’s life, by staying committed to one another first. The beauty of this is it provides an opportunity for our children to see loved displayed amongst their parents, providing them with an example of what love looks like, security and overall confidence.

My prayer is that my readers begin to take pride in the relationships around them, that they are intentional about their time spent and the words they communicate with their loved ones. That they focus on living in the moment with the people they care about the most and allow God to block out any distractions or discontentment that may hold them back. In Jesus name I pray amen.


Sincerely ,

Your Sista on the Sofa,