40 lbs. down what I eat in a day/ week

The last time I posted I share my experience with having an eating disorder. I share a lot about God’s wisdom and the provision he gives us over our lives. I think for people looking in from the outside it is extremely easy to judge and ask yourself, “well why won’t they just stop or quit”, I know because those have been my thoughts previously. I want to share the wisdom that was given to me about eating and my health and then an example of what I eat in a day/week.

I remember struggling through my addiction and praying to be free from it. I knew all my health conditions were surrounding me eating bad, but as I stated previously I just couldn’t stop. I pray for guidance and for God to take the taste out of my mouth. God healed me, but I knew it would take me being obedient to things he was showing me during my addiction.

I slept bad, I had migraines daily, anxiety and depression. The root of all these illnesses were my diet. It is crazy how what we put inside of us directly affects our health. Like most people who have grown up in the inner city, we weren’t necessarily educated on wellness and health as it pertains to food. So, I was simply a product of my environment until I studied and learn how to have a balanced healthy lifestyle.

I’ve lost over 40 lbs. now. This meal plan has helped me become overall healthier. So, lets talk about what I eat for breakfast:

Veggie scrambles: mushrooms, spinach, tomatoes, fresh peppers (weekend breakfast)

During the work week, I eat fresh sliced apples (tricks your mind into thinking you are eating more) and I have almonds (this helps me feel more satisfied).

I eat every two hours so around 10 am I eat an orange (you can eat your preferred fruit, but this is just an easy quick snack while I’m working.

I eat lunch between 12-1 p.m. I eat salads with no meat (if you ever watched my instastories you can see how I make them) My salad consists of: Spring mix, tomatoes, hot banana peppers, fresh onions, cucumbers, and pickled jalapenos w/ Romano dressing.

I eat another cutie (orange) following my salad just to add something sweet after meal (remember I was addicted to sugar, so this is a great substitute for me.

Between 2-3 I eat a bowl of grapes (my favorite, so I save them for the end of the day as a special treat.

I do a thirty-minute workout five to six times a week. I initially started doing HIIT workouts but that was HARD!!! Lol so I had to find a workout that fit where I was physically at that moment. So, don’t be ashamed if you have to start out just walking. I just want to encourage you to be active, releasing those endorphins will decrease your anxiety, depression and help break that addiction to food.

Finally, for dinner I eat protein typically fish most of the time, chicken wings (baked), or grass-fed ground beef (my body can’t process the other types of ground beef without getting sick thirty minutes later smh). For sides I eat: corn, broccoli, sauté spinach, cabbage, greens, steamed okra, green beans, black eyed peas, zucchini and squash. I just rotate veggies depending on my mood. When I first started prepping, I was creative because my addiction to food made me get bored extremely easy. So, I had to give myself a variety of items.

Once I got into a routine of eating healthy, my body started to crave all the right things and reject the bad. This is not my typical blog style however I really want to reach other people that may be struggling with food addiction or just losing weight. My prayer is that it reaches you and causes a change in your lifestyle as well.

Dear Heavenly Father, tonight my prayer is for anyone out there that is struggling with addiction or a spirit of resistance. Maybe they feel like they want to change but just don’t know how to go about it. I pray that you fill them up with wisdom, that you provide a divine road map that caters directly to their personal needs. That you free them from any doubt or worry and fill their spirit up, knowing that they lack nothing as they walk with you. I know you will touch all my readers hearts in a mighty way and once they are healed, allow them to pour back into others. Giving you all the glory. In Jesus name I pray amen.



Your Sista on the Sofa,