Keeping It Together

It has been an extremely busy and hectic month for me! However Memorial Day Weekend is coming up and I wanted to share some reasons why this time of the year is my favorite.

A little background information for my readers who didn’t know, I am the oldest of 8 children and my aunties also had large families. So, I am accustomed to cookouts and get-togethers. I remember growing up listening to conversations I shouldn’t have been apart of, doing some of my favorite dances to the best songs, with the people that I loved and cared about the most.

Moving to Texas from Colorado, I don’t always get homesick (primarily because this where my family is from), however around holidays especially in the summer I really start to miss my family.  I remember sharing that with one of my friends, and we decided to start our own traditions in Dallas.

We always have a BBQ for Memorial Day, 4th of July and Labor day. We have created some of the best memories will some really great people.

This summer won’t be any different!

One of my favorite parts during the functions are the games that we play. Now I’ll confess that every year, the guys beat us in Battle of the Sexes. Its usually three or four guys versus like eight girls (tragic I know), lol but it is so fun, hopefully we will come out with a win this year. Last year we played Black Card Revoked which was also an entertaining game. We include some old school games like….Uno and Connect Four. I’m not sure how many of us can’t play spades or dominoes, but eventually we should learn how to play for cultural purposes lol.

This weekend I’m looking forward to playing Pictionary, What the Meme, Family Feud and I also like to find made up games like minute to win it. No matter what we are playing, these functions allow us to break away from our routine, busy day to day lives and truly connect through laughter and good vibes.

I wanted to share this post, because life keeps on moving, one of the biggest things I value are my family and friendships. I want to encourage my readers to start traditions with your loved ones during the summer months. Everything else in this world fades but the memories we build, with the people we love last a lifetime.

Tonight, my prayer is for anyone that may be feeling alone, neglected, craving something, or even those in a good place, for you to remind us God, that our days are not promise, that we shouldn’t take one another for granted, but to cherish each other. So lets disconnect from social media, unplug from our to-do list, and fellowship with our loved ones. Remind us the purpose of community …… and for the people that are alone, bring fourth people in their lives, that they can trust and build healthy prosperous relationships with. In Jesus name I pray, amen.


Your Sista on the Sofa