Queen and Slim a Black Cinema Classic

It’s extremely rare for me to see a film and instantly fall in love. Last night I was tremendously blown away with the artsy of the movie Queen and Slim. Without giving away too many details I wanted to share why I believe you should go see it.

I read a blog post recently about how relative the movie Love Jones was in 2019, just like it was twenty years ago. Queen and Slim is a perfect depiction of what it is like to be black in today’s world. The movie displayed a perfect illustration of our emotions: anger, worry, freedom, humor, and most importantly how we love.

Some things that stood out to me.

The cinematography. Film is an art. I believe that now that I’m growing and learning more about who I am as a woman. I truly can say that I find beauty in a lot of things. This movie being one of those things. Queen and Slim definitely lit a fire inside of me (inspiration), that most movies lack.

The lighting in the movie is everything and if you haven’t seen the movie yet, pay attention to certain parts where the camera is focusing on the beauty of the black man and black woman : from our chocolate skin, to our full lips, the nape of our necks and the curves in our body. It allows us the viewers to bask in what makes unique and the most hated at the same time.

If you know me, then you know I love music! The soundtrack to this movie, was everything. As a music lover it is seldom that I find a movie that embodies the connection between music and film, so magically, yet this movie did it! (All I could think about was Love Jones and how that movie gives me all the feels)

I was talking to my friend about the couple’s journey across state lines and even though we were aware that they were on the run. The car scenes felt like you were right there with them from the scenery of the countryside road to the car stopping on the side of the road. Everything in this movie was well thought out, there is even a scene where they get out the car and could not only visually see the car shake but feel and hear it shake as well. (lol mind blown).

Speaking of being on the run, the cross reference between slavery and their personal journey through freedom was dope. Showing the symbolism that being a slave can be both mentally and physically.

One thing that was difficult to watch but at the same time understand is the imagery throughout the movie touching on Christianity. I don’t want to spoil the movie however I like the fact that it was incorporated in the film and in the manner that it was done.

The illustration of the characters. Again, nothing in this movie was anything short of intentional. In the opening scene where Queen was on the date with Slim, I immediately was able to identify with her. From the heaviness of the weight of the world which she carried from her career and her upbringing, to her being particular about the location of the date and other things she shares throughout the movie. As the movie continued, I quoted, “Sis is me and I am sis”. Slim character was someone I recognized as well, making my heart melt and reminding me it is ok to let down those walls….. that this cold world taught us to build up…. allow love in.

Love! This love story really was a “beautiful disaster”, it was a reality of what it looks like navigating through loving one another through our traumas, with no real guidance, just figuring it out as we go!

If you have the opportunity to go see it, please check it out.


Your Sista on the Sofa,