The Gift of Hospitality

As we close out this decade. I wanted to highlight a spiritual gift that often goes unnoticed or maybe be deemed as not significant as some of God’s other gifts.

The gift of hospitality.

Hospitality is A natural ability to make people, even strangers, feel welcome in your  home or church as a means to disciple or serve them.

I remember years ago, watching a good friend of mine Jeanell Peteet maneuver through a bunch of her guest, actively serving everyone and seeing the joy that it bought her.

Some people may think to themselves oh that’s it? Or that’s small everyone does that…..I want to stop you all by saying

one that’s in accurate

and two it keeps people wanting to come back to your home or just be in your presence.

I truly felt safe and loved every time I stepped foot in her home. I went home that night and I prayed and asked God to give me a servant’s heart. See I recognized that my friend possessed a gift and instead of being envious or jealous, I prayed for a transformation of my own heart in that area.

Some of my friends started to notice and even a guy I was dating mentioned how good it made him feel to see not only me take care of him but everyone in the room.

Fast forward to present day, God did just that. I remember my mom telling me how much I cater to her when she visits and how much she loved it. Yall!!! Lol the joy that those words bought to my heart. I thank God and I shared with her watching Jeanell encouraged me to want to change.

I kept this thought in for years, but I ended up staying with Jeanell and Rob over the summer for two weeks until my place was ready. If you know me, then you know how much I love my personal space. But I knew I was in good hands. When I arrived Jeanell gifted me with a small gift basket with different personal items I may need as well as some of my favorite snacks. It was extremely thoughtful and removed any anxiety or apprehension I may have had about staying with them. What I didn’t realize was her husband Rob was gifted with the gift of hospitality as well. He would always make sure we had cold drinks readily available without us asking. He found the latest movies to keep us entertained. I really felt like I was on vacation. When it was time to pack up, he said I hope you enjoyed your stay at Hotel La Peteet. I laughed but I told them, they really should consider opening a bed and breakfast. I would definitely be a silent investor.

I shared with my friend that your gift doesn’t have to be loud, but its all about the impact you make with it. Through her Christlike love and example, it helped contribute to my own personal transformation. God is and will continue to use her as she grows her catering company and hopefully lord willing so much.

I wanted to take time out to encourage my readers what ever your spiritual gift is, to use, don’t keep it hidden. Never be ashamed or feel unworthy, because we all have been birthed with spiritual gifts. As we embark on a new year take time out to discover your gifts and how they tie into your purpose, allow God to use you.


Dear heavenly Father, I pray that for the people who may feel hidden in their spiritual gifts, be bold and step pout on faith to be used in any way that you see fit. I pray that the people who may not know their spiritual gifts be open to learning them and obedient in following you and how it is aligned to their purpose. I pray that anyone who may be envious or jealous of another’s person gift that you remove that strife from their hearts. I pray that all my readers are empowered and continue to walk boldly into who you have called them to be. It is in your name we trust, amen.




Your Sista on the Sofa,