The Five Senses Gift Ideas: Valentine’s Day Edition

I think the key to a good gift, is finding something meaningful or helpful to your partner. Of course, this requires you knowing and understanding what your partner needs. I think it is also fun to add a twist to maybe traditional gifts. So, this year I wanted to share an idea I saw on Pinterest. If you are looking for gift ideas for your partner, look no further. This is the five senses gift ideas.

The objective is to gift your partner with five different gifts, centered around their senses: taste, sight, touching, hearing, and smell.

For the gift of taste: Chocolate covered strawberries, cooking or ordering their favorite meal (gift card if you are pressed for time), favorite dessert, a voucher for a private chef to make you a romantic dinner for two and wine tasting are just a few examples of gifts that would satisfy your partners sense of taste?

The gift of sight could include the following: attending a sporting event (basketball), create a picture collage, I recently saw in a YouTube vlog this guy created a photo tour of all the trips him and his girlfriend went on. I thought that was the sweetest idea. Getting someone car detailed professionally. I love a nice pair of shades designer or not( makes a great gift), a vacation to somewhere tropical or beautiful views in general, I suggested in my date ideas to create artwork for one another but even purchasing a unique piece or creating one yourself is a great idea for sight, plants or flowers. I got the most beautiful white roses for my birthday and everyday when I woke up, they made me so happy! Finally, I love reading, so books or journals are always a good gift.

The gift of touching: My friends are always cold, so a heated blanket would be ideal for them, fuzzy shocks, slippers, jewelry (necklace, watch, earrings, rings), a nice handbag or cute clutch, shoes,  clothes, a massage or spa day (facials, hot tubs, hot stones etc.

The gift of hearing: air pods, Bluetooth speakers, a personalized playlist, a white noise machine, a waterfall, A vintage record player with vinyl albums, I love music so concert ticket gifts will always make my day.

The gift of smell: for men or women candles are always a vibe, your favorite perfume or cologne, a gift voucher for breakfast in bed including their favorite aromas from their favorite dish, oil diffusers, bath bombs or shower bombs and essential oils.

I know Valentine’s Day is in a few days, so I would suggest ordering your gifts from amazon to ensure they are here on-time and if you decide to do an act of service, I would create a coupon or a voucher that your loved one can redeem later. I hope you all found this to be a helpful blog.

Let me know what you decide to do for your five senses gift ideas or what are some gifts you are purchasing this year for your loved ones?

Dear God, I know we are supposed to show love daily. I’m thankful for the opportunity to not only show love but to be an example of what healthy love looks like. I pray through whatever gifts or dates people choose to celebrate this year, that their relationships flourish, that any doubt or people that may not believe that love is possible for them, that you change their outlook in that area. I pray that you touch all my readers and if they are struggling in the area of love, that open that gate up and love blossoms again. I thank you for your vision and your light. It is in your name I trust always, amen.


Your Sista on the Sofa,