Open Letter To My Mom 2020

This year is different celebrating Mother’s Day, traditionally this weekend my friend and myself take time to honor all the mothers’. Something that I truly enjoy and a way to honestly help anyone that may be in a funk including myself, being so many miles away from my own Mom. I wanted to take time out to show 35 years of gratitude and try to include all in a simple post.

Mom, you always seemed to know what you were doing. I have faced some tough moments in Motherhood, and you have always been there to encourage me. Not only that, you have enough trust in my capabilities that you come to me for support with your children (my siblings) and I appreciate that as well.

You are always so confident, always. Every time I am faced when a situation that honestly could or should make me feel worthless, I hear your voice speaking to me, telling me to hold my head up high, thank you for not only being a role model but always speaking life in me especially in the moments that matter the most.

Remember that balance is key. I know it is easy to get lost in all our responsibilities, but you deserve a break too!

Thank you, Mom, for always supporting me, loving me, for being my most loyal supporter, and helping me navigate through all of life challenges.


This Mother’s Day, even though it is different my heart is even more full of gratitude. There’s not a moment I’ve lived that hasn’t been covered by God’s grace and immersed in your love.

Thank you for being My Mom and my first Sista on the sofa.



Love your daughter,