How to Plan the Perfect Staycation






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Everyone breathe in and breathe out, whew. 2020 has been a wild ride this year so far . So, I wanted to devote this blog post and a theme I’m calling weekly romance deposits. Where we take time to love on ourselves, spouses or family. This blog post is all about planning a staycation.

Staycations are one of my favorite things to do for self-care. Especially when I can’t travel. I order room service, have a spa day, watch some of my favorite movies, with a nice glass of wine. I’m planning one at the end of the month but here are the deets for ensuring that you plan a spectacular staycation.

Finding the perfect hotel is the first step in ensuring that your staycation will be a good one. This year I will be staying at Hotel Joule . The hotel is in Dallas Texas. For a few reasons: I like the boutique feeling, the modern design but it still feels comfy, they have a variety of rooms which I’m sure one would satisfy your personal senses. In addition to that, I live for self-care day and my best experiences have been at a hotel spa. Hotel Joule spa is tranquil with extremely high ratings when it comes to friendliest of the staff and services that are offered. I usually do a 120-minute massage and enjoy the quiet room and champagne afterwards. Hotel Joule even has an indoor pool area that you can enjoy. Picking this hotel was a no brainer for me.

Next if you are going to be enjoying the room with your significant other, you can always have the hotel arrange for flowers for you and have a special message on the bed like, Happy Anniversary or Happy Birthday….whatever you are celebrating. I want a special message and I’m going include chocolate covered strawberries  from my friend’s catering company Jae P’s Closet, with a bottle of champagne to set off the night for a true romantic staycation. Even though the spa will be incorporated on this staycation a nice relaxing bath sets the tone for the rest of evening, so don’t forget to pack:  Epsom salts, bubbles, scrubs, nice lotion, sexy lounge wear/ lingerie or your favorite swimsuit and face masks all come together for a romantic evening or just loving on yourself.

The beauty of a staycation is the simplicity of planning for it. My ideal staycation looks like:

  • Brunch (it’s my favorite and I feel like you can enjoy it at almost anytime but especially on a staycation)
  • Spa day
  • Bath Time
  • Movie night if I am alone 10 times out 10, I will pick a romantic comedy
  • With room service or ordering food from a near by close restaurant.

I hope this post was helpful with planning your future staycation. Remember depending on the purpose of the staycation the plan can be modified to fit your needs. The goal is to be intentional with loving ourselves and others. Share in the comments how you plan to spend your own staycation? I would love to hear from you.



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