Physical Touch (5 Love Languages)

The other night I watched He’s Just Not that Into You and Married to Medicine LA. An issue that I saw was a lack of intimacy and the whole purpose surrounding my love deposit post, is about showing love weekly to your spouse or family. I hate divorce and despise broken families. I saw a post about understanding your spouses love language. So, for the next weeks, I will explore each love language and give you date ideas or suggestions on how to incorporate it in your week.

This week we are discussing physical touch.

Physical Touch is all about intimacy. It could be holding hands, laying your head on your partner’s shoulder, or simply a hug then it is about sex.

What you can do is:

Non-verbal body language to emphasize love.
Non-sexual touch that reinforces your presence.
Lots of simple hugs, hand-holding, and gentle touches.


Cuddling on the couch

Laying on their lap

Resting your head on their shoulder

Rubbing the nape of their necks

A massage


What you want to avoid:

Long periods without intimacy
Physical neglect
Coldly giving affection
Any physical abuse

Here are two date ideas.

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First Date Idea is The Giant Cookie Date

You have to buy a roll of sugar cookie dough, a tub of frosting, and a package of food coloring. Choose a night to bake and decorate a giant cookie together.

Now this  is baking cookies with a twist of course.  The rukes are the following:

  • You must bake together, and you can only use one hand each!
  • You must separate the frosting into at least 3 bowls so you can create 3 different colors.
  • You must knead the dough and place it on the pan to bake all using just one hand!
  • Once the cookie is done baking and has cooled, you again must use one hand each to decorate a scene or design on the giant cookie!

These rules will require you both to work close together and as a team to create the best cookie you’ve ever had in your life! The idea is to get close with your kiddos your spouse to increase the physical connections and create stronger bonds.

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If you are looking to spice things up try the Sexy Scavenger Hunt

Physical touch is second on my love language. One date idea I really  enjoyed was creating a scavenger hunt. I included riddles surrounding all five senses which was a great way to incorporate intimacy without having sex. Each ridiculed he got correct, I had to do what the card suggested. This activity definitely improved our intimacy. It was also his first time ever experiencing a sexy scavenger hunt, which increased his excitement and our overall connection.

Remember physical touch is often confused with just sex and it is so much more deeper than that. Take time to intentionally love on your people…one touch at a time


Your Sista on the Sofa,