How to Create a Peaceful Home

How to create a peaceful home environment

So, I’ll be honest, I have heard so many stories about men, mostly men but some women who do everything and anything to stay away from their home. As promoter of creating healthy relationships. I decided to write a blog post about creating a peaceful home environment that will keep your spouse and children feeling love, supported, appreciated but most importantly their safe haven.

I am really big on setting goals. I think it is important to do this within your home as well. So, agree that the goal is to create a peaceful home with your spouse. Talk about what that looks like for the both of you and go from there.

I am big on alleviating stress by setting boundaries with our time for example putting kids in extracurricular activities are important however I would sign my kid up for one thing versus three.

Taking care of yourself is a part creating

I tell you do something you enjoy, relax, read, hike, binge watch your favorite show or whatever fills your cup.

Remember you can’t pour from an empty cup.

Another way to create a peaceful is by being active together. It is a natural energy booster and I think the collaboration component helps build unity within your home.

Spending intentional time together is also a great way to create a peaceful home environment. During these moments of intimacy is how we build one another up and pour into each other. It is also a good way to ensure that your family needs are being met (physical, emotional, etc.)  

I believe a peaceful home is serene, calm, welcoming and you create that vibe by decorating your home and implementing organization hacks to prevent clutter. (have a space that you can pray together, candles, music, light fixtures, greenery, the way furniture is set up etc. are all ways that you can achieve a peaceful vibe in your home.)


Plan your meals, plan appointments, plan dates, just plan! Planning takes away stress and anxiety.

Meal planning has helped take the stress from “what’s for dinner?” every night.

I meal plan for the week, we plan out our outfits and even dates, to reduce that unknown factor. It is similar to when I would teach, giving an agenda for the date would help my students not feel so overwhelmed. This is something that is also beneficial for my home and helps keep it peaceful.

I truly believe that creating a peaceful home is directly related to having a successful relationship. My mission as always is to equip my readers with practical ways to make this happen. I hope this blog was helpful and as always happy dating!


Your Sista on the Sofa,