How to Plan the Ultimate Surprise Party for Your Loved Ones

Unfortunately, among other race groups African Americans are less likely to get married. One common consensus that black men believe is marriage is only beneficial for the woman. I would say that is a myth. So, this week I wanted to take time to highlight a woman who I believe really does invest in her husband as much as he invests in her.

Meet the owner of Jae P closet catering company and she is a boss bae and what everyone is calling wife of year. She planned one of the best surprise parties for her Husband. So I decided to interview her and get some insight and tips on how plan a memorable party.

So Jeanell first what inspired you to plan this surprise party?

 I’m a birthday person, like I really love celebrating birthdays. Ever since we’ve been together, he has always made sure that I had an amazing birthday so this year I wanted to really show my appreciation. Originally I wanted to surprise him to Vegas and have his family & friends come but since Covid is going on right now, I wasn’t sure who would all want to travel, so I decided to surprise him by bringing Vegas to him and make it a casino themed birthday.

What is the name of the hotel and why did you pick it as venue?

Virgin Hotel here in Dallas Texas and Kendal had sent me a couple places to check out and I started looking online for pictures and reviews for certain hotels. The view on the balcony was amazing. The suite was extremely nice, and the pop of red was a great added flare especially since I knew I wanted to do a casino theme. So, I started shopping for everything that I thought would make my vision come to life. I researched on social media and online for desserts. I did most of my shopping online, but I had to go into the stores for a few things.

List of things that made the party extra special : Casino Platter, Dice for table décor, dice for the toothpick in the martini salad glasses, Casino theme birthday cake, black and red balloon bouquet with 35 at the top of it, customized napkins (Happy Birthday Rob P #35 birthday), Customized birthday cookies with pictures of my husband Rob P and customized hand sanitizers (Happy 35 birthday Rob P) as my guest party savers.

There are some great details you put into the party for example the cookies, what was your motivation behind picking them?

 Thank you. I wanted everything to be personable and have a special touch. It’s easy to just buy some party decorations or desserts from the store (which nothing is wrong with that) but I wanted him to know that today is all about you. So, when I came across those cookies, I was like “oh yeah I have to get these.”

She really did a great job in making this party for her Husband personable and special, he even FaceTime me at the end of the night to tell me he had the best wife ever.

As mentioned earlier you are a caterer, how did you come up with the menu?

Yes, Jae P’s Closet (check me out on Instagram lol). I wanted to incorporate some of his favorite foods and he also thought we were going to a steakhouse for his birthday lol, so I wanted to bring that meal to life also.

It is so easy to solely focus on what you can get from a relationship, what motivates you to express your love the way you do?

My motivation is seeing a smile on my loved ones faces. I just want all my loved ones to know that I truly love and appreciate them so one of my ways of doing that is catering to their needs. It truly makes me happy to see my loved ones happy. And honestly it just comes naturally to me to give my all.

Any final thoughts you want to share to encourage my readers?

I just want to say it really is good to pour into your relationships. I’m a true believer and a witness that you get back what you give out. True love still does exist, and people shouldn’t give up on it.

I hope you all enjoy this post, I thought it was important to highlight a couple doing it right! My passion and purpose behind this blog is to promote healthy relationships, hopefully this is one of many couples I can spotlight. Remember as always, happy dating!


Your Sista on the Sofa,