7 Virtual Date Ideas

I had a conversation with my friend Bella Brown, she left me a voice message. She asked me two unique questions that inspired this blog post. She met this nice guy, but he lives on the East Coast and well if you didn’t know we live in Dallas. She wanted some virtual date ideas and how to show she cared for him based off of his love language (that post will be live on my blog Thursday) but today I wanted to focus on the virtual date ideas. Here are a few unique date ideas for our long-distance lovers or for those who are still in the house quarantining.

 Date idea number one Virtual wine tasting: There are two ways you can set this up. You can create your own kit, I suggest black girl magic. They are a black owned wine company.

You will need:  

White Wine: Pinot Grigio; Chardonnay; Sauvignon Blanc; White Muscat.

Red Wine: Syrah; Merlot;​​​​​ Pinot Noir;​​​​​​​​​​ Red Muscat.

Since you aren’t in the same place, I suggest choosing a specific region of the world to be in, dress accordingly and select your wines based on the area of the world.

In your kit you will also need: Glassware, if you’re feeling really adventurous, try doing a little extra research on how the acids, tannins, and sugar in foods interact with wines. Try tasting bitter chocolate, salted nuts, acidic lemon, or creamy cheese alongside the same wine to see how wine reacts to various components. I suggest creating a Charcuterie Board. For your virtual date have a list of ingredients and items sent to them in advance so you can create the board together virtually.

Here is what you will need for your board:

Select a variety of meat textures, from prosciutto and bresaola to pate to salami

Choose meats that pair well with wine

Pair with higher acid, lower alcohol wines

Choose different cheese that complement specific wines

Create an elegant presentation

And have fun!

Date idea number two virtual listening party. I love music. Most of my best memories are tied to a particular song during a particular time. So, this next date idea is something that I think all my music lovers will love. I make a playlist for all types of moods, so why not create one for your distant lover. Create a playlist of songs that remind of that person and play it virtually to get their reaction. You can also do a battle of the playlist and play music from different eras or your own versus battle. Get as creative as you like, the goal is to create shared memories and hold onto something you both can cherish.

Date idea number three virtual book club. I am an avid reader and I love thought provoking conversations, so this next date idea is probably one of my top favorites. Start your own book club, select a book you two would both be interested in reading. Pick a date and timeline of when to finish certain chapters and when to discuss them. This is a great way to engage in conversations that are outside of the general “how was your day”.

Black Tie Event date number four: Now when Bella first asked me about date ideas. I immediately thought of this one: Make it an all-out black-tie date night at home because sometimes you gotta remind each other how good you look. I know her guy loves to see her all dressed up! So ladies put on some makeup, put on your favorite sexy dress, To add an extra flare light some candles , incorporate one of the following card games : One Gotta Go(friendly debates and pop culture topics), University of Dope ( trivia on hip hop culture), Connections (help you engage in meaningful conversations I recommend getting the relationship edition) and top the night off with a bottle of champagne.

Date idea number five Virtual Game night: If you are a competitive couple this date idea is perfect for you! Here are a few games that are easy to play virtually: Pictionary, Trivia, 20 questions, charades, and heads up just to name a few.

Date Idea number six cooking together: Order a meal kit for example a Hello Fresh meal and cook at the same time. Talk to one another as you are going through the steps, I think it is a great idea, to boomerang the recipe, meaning you tell me the first step and I tell you the second one, going back and forth. A great way to still feel like a unit and create a shared experience.

Date number seven is a simple one: pick a show and binge watch it together, similar to the book club date, pick a time to discuss the show after you are a few episodes in. I’ve watched so many binge worthy shows some of my favorites are: Greys Anatomy, Snowfall, Queen of the South, American Horror Story, and This is Us. Pick something you both will enjoy, put on your favorite lounge wear and relish in the fact that yall may be miles apart but still staying connected!

I love helping loved ones stay connected. God really didn’t intend for us to do life alone. So, I can only imagine how hard it is to not see someone you care or love. I am grateful that Bella trusted me in this area to help her connect and I hope my readers enjoyed these ideas as well and as always happy dating!


Your Sista on the Sofa,