5 Love Languages for the Long-Distance Couple

I’m really grateful for the opportunity to work with a long-distance couple. When Bella Brown called me and asked for advice regarding how to show love in a way that her guy will receive it via long distance, I jumped right on board. I was excited about them taking the initiative to take the love language assessment and even more excited about the fact that she trusted my expertise in this area. Lol even though I had never dated long distance. I wanted to share some ideas on how to show love to your favorite people according to their love language, but this is the Long-Distance Edition.

Physical Touch: Create something significant to yall relationship specifically, I suggest maybe a blanket with your pictures on it and before sending to him/her spray your favorite scent on it so they can feel close to you.

Set up a surprise massage day or a pedicure appointment. I know it isn’t the same as you doing it, but if you put the thought and effort behind setting it up, I’m sure your loved one will still feel special and loved.

Also plan frequent visits and don’t wait too long apart to see one another. When you do reunite make sure you embrace them for awhile so they can memories to hold on to.

Quality time: schedule calls, it may sound funny but taking that extra step to ensure that you are communicating regularly is a great gesture for someone whose love language is quality time. It also helps minimize tension and confusion when it comes to miss calls and text messages.

Limit interruptions and focus solely on them during that time. It would also be helpful if you are intentional about your questions that focus on you both getting to know one another on a deeper level.

Plan dates! Last week I wrote a blog on 7 virtual date ideas, make sure you check out that blog if you need some inspiration on planning the perfect night for your loved one.

Acts of service: The first thing that came to mind for me was gifting them with a meal prep company. You can order a gift certificate to make sure your loved one is eating a healthy warm homemade meal. Get their car detailed, book a home cleaning service, help them with any personal business like setting up appointments etc. and finally just asking the question, What do you need from me this week to make your life easier ?

These are guaranteed ways to make your loved one feel taken care of and loved properly even if it is miles away.

Gifts: This is probably an easier way to express love from afar. I suggest paying attention to the things that they really like and surprising them with it. It may be even more meaningful to add an extra flare to packaging your gifts. I think the best gifts are the ones where you know the person put a lot of thought behind purchasing the gift.

Words of affirmation: Just saying things like

I love how you ….

I appreciate you

I value you

You mean a lot to me

Really does go a long way.

I also suggest writing open when letters:

Open when you are feeling lonely

Open when you are feeling discouraged

Open when you are feeling confused

You can write however many letters that you deem fit, cater them to your partners needs but this is a sure way to affirm them.

Keeping these love languages in mind are valuable while loving someone a far. I truly commend all the couples who take on this challenge in the name of love. My prayer is that you found these suggestions to be helpful and pursue one another with intentionality and you reap all the love that you desire. Once again Happy Dating!


Your Sista on the Sofa,