10 Gift Ideas for Men this Holiday Season 2020

I’ve had quite a few women reach out to me personally and express how hard gifting the special guy in their life can be especially for Christmas. I took a poll recently on my IG and my readers voted gift ideas for men to be my first post. Just a disclaimer I truly believe the best gifts are the ones where you truly pay attention to what that person really likes. The following are just suggestions to help aim in you in the right direction.

First thing on my list is a good cologne. As a woman I love when my men smell good.

Here are a few fragrances that are popular or that I have smelled personally.

First up we have: Valentino Umo Acqua



ACQUA DI GIO by Giorgio Armani

Dolce and Gabbana K

And SAUVAGE by Dior

(I definitely recommend going in person to smell for your self but for me personally these scents definitely have me and the women I know turning heads.)

Next up if you have a sports fanatic, I am actually sad thinking about not being able to attend any basketball games this past season…but let me focus for that special guy in your life, any memorabilia is the perfect gift idea. If you know they have a favorite NBA player you can purchase an autographed photo, customized or framed jersey or any gift related to their favorite team.

Clothes, I don’t know about you ladies, but I love a guy who is put together. now this is where paying attention to what your guy’s style is and putting him in the right items. Some of my favorite sites to shop for men are Zara and Express, Neiman and Nordstrom’s also have a nice men collection.

You can’t have a nice fit without a nice pair of shoes. Again, identifying and recognizing your men style of shoes are vital to picking out the right pair.

In addition to shoes, jewelry is another gift Idea. I personally like a more simplistic look and I love watches. Here are two affordable brands: MVMT and JB Watches. If you have a little more to spend this year or you have a man that always goes above and beyond for you gift him with: Audemars Piguet or Rolex watch.

Another luxury item would be some shades. I’ll be honest as women we can pull off any brand of shades however I wouldn’t buy my guy a basic pair of shades. So, Gucci, Marc Jacobs, and Raybands are few brands that they will be grateful for.

If you have a guy that’s into gaming or technology in general, you can never go wrong with gifting him with quality headphones, a new game system, laptops, smart watches, upgrade the TVs, honestly in this area the options are endless.

You can create a self-care or grooming kit, with a massage gift card and other small items needed to help him keep himself together. Including socks and under garments. This gift isn’t as exciting as some other ones, but the way you package and the items you include is a great way for your guy to feel appreciated and seen.

Another great gift idea is investing in some nice luggage and travel sets. Depending on who you are with, if you have a guy that travels a lot of because of his job, gifting them with a luxury traveling set is the perfect practical yet meaningful gift set.

To end the blog, how about a vacation. There are few places still open Mexico, Tulum is an affordable and beautiful hotspot and of course you can’t go wrong with Cabo. Puerto Rico is open or even Miami is a great getaway trip. If your man has been working hard, taking care of you mentally, physically and emotionally especially during such crazy times. Go ahead and treat him to a vacation for the holidays. It will ultimately be beneficial for the both of you and your relationship. This is something I am definitely excited to do for my special guy!

Let me know which gifts you will be getting the special men in your life?  I have five brothers, so I am definitely getting them some nice cologne and a book! Lol If you know then you know, I am all about enhancing and enriching people lives, so a book is a sure way to do that (bonus tip) Hopefully you found this blog to be helpful, don’t forget to share with friends and as always Happy Dating!


Your Sista on the Sofa,