10 Gift Ideas for Her this Holiday Season

I’m back this week as promised with gift ideas for the ladies. So, to all my male readers this is for you and to all my ladies if I put anything down on my list that you are dying to get this year, send the blog to them in a subtle way of course. Let’s get right into it.

First up is a good scent. I know a lot of women are into smelling good.

One classic scent that even at my age man still enjoy is Viva La Juicy.

Here are some more scents in no particular order

Flower Bomb by Viktor Rolf

YSL Mon Paris (current favorite for a day scent)

YSL Libre (current favorite for a night scent)

YSL Black Opium

Chanel Chance

And if you really want to impress her this year and have her smelling like money get Baccarat Rouge 540 Eau de Parfum.

Next, I know a lot of women have a bag on their wish list. Now we won’t get into the whole Birkin bag discussion but investing or gifting your woman with a nice bag this season will leave her happy.

On the lower end of luxury items, you can purchase a LV bag

Some in-between brands are Gucci, YSL and even Prada

Chanel is on the higher end.

Depending on your price point you can still make a nice gesture by shopping at Fashion Nova or other fast fashion stores like pretty little things or misguided and getting a cute clutch or a small bag that is luxury inspired. Remember it is all about paying attention to what your woman likes.

Next up we have shoes. I love a nice bag with a beautiful shoe to match. I love heels but if you have a girl who loves sneakers, get her a pair that she has been eyeing all year. Buying shoes, will never disappoint your woman come Christmas morning.

As I have gotten older the more, I appreciate a nice set of cooking ware. First all I didn’t realize how expensive they were until recently but investing in nice cookware with a woman who loves to cook. You can never go wrong!

Speaking of cookware have you noticed that your lady is always looking at home décor, spending hours at places like Target, At Home, Marshals and Home Goods. Gift her with a gift card to one of her favorite home décor stores, honestly for a lot of women especially the homebodies, are homes are our sanctuary and we truly take pride in keeping it up and looking nice. So, this is a gift that will keep on giving.

Speaking of homebodies, Skims or Savage Fenty are both ideal items to get your woman who enjoys lounging around the house but still looking sexy while doing it. This is a gift that you both can enjoy together.

Next up invest in her business. If she is starting a YouTube channel, an online boutique, a coaching business, whatever it is pour into that. I saw recently online a man hired a woman to do a rebrand on his girls’ company, a full package valued at 1200. I don’t know about all women, but for most taking the time to not only believe in me but support my dream in any kind of way would definitely leave a lasting impression on me. So go ahead and purchase that vlog camera, a laptop or desktop or even put an assistant on payroll.

You have a woman who loves flowers purchase the Infinity Roses, on the website they even have pamper sets. This is a simple yet thoughtful gift for all my ladies who enjoy flowers still.

If you have the means to get away this year, book a vacation. If your woman is a jet setter, she will love this idea above all the other ones! Purchase a nice traveling set, inside have a gift card to her favorite fashion store for me that is House of CB (because what is the perfect vacation without the perfect outfits) and have the itinerary printed out and attached to the luggage. This is a sure way for your woman to be thanking you all year long!

You can never go wrong with Jewelry. rather it is real or fake, remember knowing the woman you are shopping for is the key secret. I love costume jewelry for my earring and rings, but I prefer a real watch or a statement piece set. You can even get customized pieces with your anniversary date, or earrings with her initials on it.

Princess P sells unique jewelry pieces. JB watches has nice watches for both men and women.

But if the timing is right go ahead and get her an engagement ring and gift her with the ultimate present this Christmas!

Hope this blog was helpful, let me know in the comments section what gift is on your wishlist this year and always Happy Dating!


Your Sista on the Sofa,