Ultimate Holiday Cozy Date Night Idea

I think most of my readers know by now that I am a true romantic by nature. I wanted to share my holiday night in cozy and romantic date idea. Hopefully you all enjoy it and will put it to use this week as well.

First up planning the snacks. Presentation and effort is important to me. One of the best ways to present a snack is a charcuterie board. You can get you and your spouse favorite snacks and add a variation of colors and snacks to bring out your theme. Because this is a holiday theme, I thought it would be fun to incorporate as much a possible Christmas theme snack. Some snacks I got were

I love fresh veggies: carrots, broccoli, tomatoes, and celery. I found these Santa theme cups and added four themes to the board, to give it height but also keep the Christmas theme going. I also cut the top off a red bell and green one and put the dip inside of our fresh veggies.  My date loves fruit so I thought it would be smart to add these little Santa grapes which were a combination of bananas, strawberries and grapes. Finally, I love sweets, so I added these Christmas pretzel treats. A coworker made them for me, and I fell in love. This was an easy process and my date genuinely appreciated not only the thought behind adding his favorite snacks. So, keep that in mind when you are planning your night in.

While we are in the kitchen still, lets discuss our cocktail for the evening. If you don’t drink that’s fine, I think adding a hot chocolate bar to the date would suffice. I do however enjoy a good cocktail. I found the following recipes and wanted to share you all can pick the right one for you.

I love a good martini, but I wouldn’t say it is the most masculine drink, if you are recreating this date for a girls night in, then The White Christmas Martini is for you.

I made the Maple Cranberry Bourbon (my personal favorite)

Because I am a sucker for champagne, I had to make the Jingle Juice Holiday punch. This recipe was so simple all you need is whipped vodka, pink champagne or sparking rose and a bottle of cherry 7 up and you have yourself a cocktail.  

My favorite part was making the drinks together and creating new holiday traditions and memories.

In the living room, I created a space to give the vibe of a fireplace. Disclaimer I search rain sounds on YouTube all the time, so I figured they would the fire stimulation videos even with the wood cackling in the background. This created the perfect romantic ambiance. We created a picnic situation on the rug, and I had my soulful Christmas list playing in the background. Some of my favorite songs are:

Every Year, Every Christmas (Luther Vandross)

This Christmas (Chris Brown of course lol)

Let It Snow (Boyz 2 Men)

Silent Night (Temptations)

It really was a whole vibe and we both are old souls and love music. So, we could have done this all night. However, while we listen to Christmas music we created our digital scrapbook for our recap of 2020 similar to how Snapchat does it but made our own version. We also shared our grows and glows that we will be carrying into the new year.

Some other ideas who be created a 2020 couple memory book.

A vision board for 2021

Blind wine tasting and every time you guess the flavor right, you get to share an intimate kiss.

I live for Karaoke, so you could have a sing off, especially once the bourbon or the wine kicks in.

You can even watch your favorite Christmas movie (My favorites are The Grinch, This Christmas and Friday after Next).

I think its important to consider who you are planning for and pick the appropriate activity for yall personality.

Before I closed that I did dress up. Like I said I am really into basics, but you know make it fashion but even for my married couples you could incorporate lingerie. (FashionNova honestly has super cute chill sets and sexy lingerie). I think its important to remember how good it feels to get glam up for dates and letting that confidence spill over. I think you date will appreciate the extra effort.

As always Happy Dating and Happy Holidays to you all!


Your Sista on the Sofa,