New Years Eve 2020 Date Night Outfit Ideas

Did you know that regularly scheduled date nights help decrease stress in the midst of chaos? And well let’s be honest this has been one chaotic year. Staying connected is vital to having thriving relationships. I thought it was important to close the year out with some New Year Eve date night ideas and outfit ideas, because how you look matters also.

First idea is booking a hotel suite or event venue. This is a perfect date idea to get everyone dressed up in their formal attire, I recommend catering the event and hiring a DJ.

In the picture the model is wearing a dress from Fashion Nova formal line, she did get it altered to give it the perfect fit and the dress is super affordable but looks high quality.

Second date idea is the club. I love to dance, and I love music. If you can go out and it be done safely, I recommend putting on a sexy two-piece outfit preferably red if you can. Two-piece outfits give a subtle but sexy vibe and they always cause people to turn heads especially the guy on your arm for tonight.

Cheat Code: Red makes men feel more attractive and passionate towards women. Some studies have shown that men are more likely to even spend more money on an outing together. I guess that’s why you hear men mention the color in their songs.

The model is wearing the Striking bottom and top from

If you are anything like me, I love fine dining. Dinners are so intimate and romantic to me especially if you pick the perfect spot. In addition to having such an intimate setting, I love dressing up for my guy. One thing I noticed is that more covered up you are the sexier the guy perceives you to be. I know we all heard it leads more to the imagination, but I think its true. I know my last post I suggested a two-piece, but you have to know your setting. This Dynamic Dress is the perfect dinner outfit. It still highlights all of your curves but keeps the guy guessing.

To shop this look go to

The next post is for all my casual cute girls. This outfit is perfect for a game night. You can set it up with just you and your guy or make it a group date and invite all of your other favorite couples.

Cheat code: group dates help build community. I believe especially in the black community it is important to help build a solid tribe for our men, this is the perfect way to get the guys together, have a few laughs and opportunity for them to help grow one another.

The model is wearing a bodysuit and leggings from

Last but not least, having a cozy night in. I wrote about the perfect night in in my last blog, if you hadn’t read that yet I definitely suggest reading it for more in-depth planning. In the picture the model is holding a book I purchased to help me connect more with my daughter. Every night she picks a random question to ask me. It is something we both enjoyed, I’ve also used the book to ask questions to my friends. It helps to develop deeper conversations and allows you to get to know people on a more intimate level. I believe in looking and feeling your best shifts the energy as well.

The model is wearing a black bodysuit and black biker shorts from

Not only is putting together an outfit make you instantly attractive to your date, but you will feel better as well. Let’s close the year out by fostering communication, increasing intimacy, showing appreciation for one another, decreasing from this stressful year and building solid bonds and attachments. Happy New Year and as always readers Happy Dating!


Your Sista on the Sofa,