10 Hassle Free Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

First let me start by saying this arctic weather has me feeling low and tired. I was already feeling extra exhausted, so I wanted to create a list of hassle-free date ideas. I’m keeping it simple this Valentine’s Day weekend and if you are feeling like me these are the perfect ideas.

Research ways to give back

There are a number of worthy causes needing assistance both because of the pandemic and because you know life. I think one idea is writing people in the nursing homes. So many people are far away from families and I know just making that small connection would make there day.

Gourmet Meal

Grab a meal kit company like Hello Fresh, Blue Apron or whoever and create a meal together. Don’t have a subscription….well I’m not sure if you seen the videos where people create a meal with the ingredients you have at home. I love that idea and think it is a great way to tap into your creative side and of course work together to create a Valentine’s Day meal masterpiece.

Cupcake wars Valentine’s Day edition

This is a great idea for those couples who will have children at home… Turning the kitchen into a friendly competition and enjoying the treats together afterwards.

Couple workout challenge

Getting active together is always a good time with me. What is even more fun is creating TikToks or Instagram Reels to show the world how healthy and strong you. Working out together increases overall relationship satisfactory and brings you closer together in love.

Yoga and Meditation

I recently have gotten back into practicing yoga, I am definitely a beginner but I enjoy it a lot paired with mediation right afterwards. Again, elevating both my mind and body always makes me feel better so why not include your loved ones to the party. You won’t regret it!

Home Organizations

Something about decluttering makes my spirit happy, turn on your favorite old school jams and tackle an at home project you have been putting off for months, make sure you reward yourself with your favorite lass of wine afterwards.

Classic Board Games

Find some classic board games you have laying around the house and enjoy a night of friendly competition. Put some bets on them to make things interesting.

Create a dance club in the living room

The other night I asked my mom if couples still dance together. Seriously Did you that dancing is the perfect way to bring couples closer together. Dancing is a flirtatious, sexy, fun, and exciting activity that can bring some of that honeymoon stage energy back to the relationship. So, get dressed up, make you some of your favorite cocktails and dance the night away.

Create a short film of how you met

Whether it is a comedy or suspenseful get your creative juices flowing and create your own cinematic film using your phone on how you met, share with others and start a trend. You really never know who you will inspire.

Write each other love letters

Write each other love letters and read them out loud verbally. Then share your top three favorite love songs that remind you of yall love. Let the night lead you down an intimate path of memory lane.

Light some candles and take a shower together.

In the shower I recommend affirming one another of course the physical attributes you admire but don’t forget the mental and spiritual components. This is a perfect opportunity to alleviate any doubts. This type of intimacy is where couples create some of their best ideas. So, lets peel back all of our layers literally and take a moment to reconnect with our spouse.

I know this is only one day out the year, but I think it is important to be intentional year round. Valentine’s Day is just a friendly reminder for those who get caught up in the day to day and forget to sprinkle a little more appreciation than usual. I pray you all found these dates to be hassle free and something you can incorporate this weekend.

As always readers,

Happy dating,


Your Sista on the Sofa,