What Do You Bring to the Table

Welcome back readers!!!

For those of you who didn’t know I have been working with a phenomenal business coach to help me set up a private practice that will be around for years to come. One of her coin phrases is MARKET YOUR MAGIC.

I love that phrase and I started to think about how this phrase could help singles and couples highlight their best characteristics and traits that make them a unique partner.

So we can finally stop answering the question….. What do you bring to the table with aggression and instead respond confidently and boldly speak to the things that make you an asset or better show through your actions.

What is marketing in the relationship world. To frankly put it, it is you selling what you believe makes you a good catch. Lol stay with me. If you believe you are with your purpose mate then the goal should be to keep them ( divorce is pricey, remember it really is cheaper to keep her but I want yall to be happy and not miserable) and for my singles if the objective is to find your ideal mate and stay together, you have to understand and market your magic.

What is about you specifically that would make someone say this is it? He or she is the one?

So, singles yall first here our a few guidelines that will help you.

Remember when I said like attracts like….make sure you have a positive mindset, a happy aura. The goal should be for someone to leave your presence, desiring more of what they have experienced, so make sure you have a healthy relationship with yourself first. The rest will spill over.

Be fun, people love excitement. That doesn’t mean you have to be a bursting bubble of excitement each day, however some of my favorite people are funny, and all-around good time because they have a fun loving child like spirit to them.

What makes us able to connect with others are the following emotions: trust, hope, anticipation and joy. These four emotions allow for you to connect with others as you are navigating the dating world, avoid anger, bitterness and bouts of frustration. No, you are not a robot but again if this is always your mood, dating may not be right for you at the moment. So, try to highlight those four emotions and make sure you manage your moods.

The key to truly cultivating the relationship or partner you desire is by painting the picture of their life will be better with you in. How do you this

By adding value with your words, do you support them or others

Positively affirming them

Showing your own healthy lifestyle (working out, eating, family time, friendships, your relationship with God)

As well as sticking and maintaining your own passion projects (serving), traveling, self-care routines, self-help habits (reading, podcast, sermons, YouTube and even the company you keep) and an open mind to trying new things.

Lastly knowing and understanding your audience. Go to the places where that woman is act directly (coffee shops, the gym, the hiking trail, a healthy grocery store, art gallery, fine dining restaurants or even your local day party). You have to think as if you met him/her and go attract them.

After you attract them start speaking in a language that they understand. Singles please stop texting!!! Lol that’s why dating is so trash right now because people have lost the art of communication. Start talking on the phone, facetime and of course in person. Don’t be afraid to go on a quick walk or meetup real quick at a cute lounge area where yall can talk and connect. When communicating again speak with confidence for example …do you like to travel? Where are we traveling next? Little key words like we, leave a lasting impression rather person wants to remember you or not.

Also don’t be afraid to do sweet kind gestures like(love deposits): ordering them their favorite coffee, surprising them with their favorite lunch….small things  that let them know you are paying attention but not overboard that feels desperate if that makes sense.

Couples continue to:

Compliment your spouse (fill up their emotional bank at least weekly)

Show physical intimacy like holding hands, kissing, rubbing their back, neck, etc…just touch them lol

Have sex (please stop neglecting one another’s sexual needs because you don’t think it is important) If your sex drive has changed look into diet change, that usually will fix most libido issue if not all.

Get dressed up and wear their favorite scents even if it is you going to work, this anticipation when you see your man or woman dressed up in the morning going work, definitely leaves you wanting and craving them to come home.

Don’t forget to do just because things and do them often (love deposits)

Take care of yourself, remember you can’t pour from an empty cup.

Date and date often (in house date nights are just as dope as leaving the house, do staycations and of course travel)

Hopefully this blog was helpful, and you now have some guidance on how to market your magic, the relationship way! If you are looking for help in any of the areas I mentioned above, please don’t hesitate to click the link in the bio. I look forward to serving you and as always

Happy Dating,


Your Sista on the Sofa,