New to Dating and Relationships.

Hello readers I am back this week with another blog.

This week’s topic is all about navigating the dating world and common mistakes people make while dating or entering in a new relationship.

First let’s start with how do you know you are ready to date after a dry spell.

The first sign you are ready to date is you have a healthy balance of life outside of work, you hang out with friends and family, you have hobbies and you are actively pursuing your purpose and mission in life and would love to add a partner who you can share and grow with.

You have a healthy relationship with yourself and others around you. You are able to process your emotions in a healthy way and use appropriate coping mechanisms. You take accountability for your actions during any conflict and you are humble enough to apologize when you make mistakes.

You don’t compare your past partners with new people.

You are able to identify the positives and negative things that took place in your past relationships. You have grown mentally in those areas and recognize red flags as you pursue a new partner.

You have a vision. One of the first things I do in my practice is have my clients create a vision. What is the end goal as you navigate dating and your new relationship? I try to push my clients into recognizing their purpose first. Then as you meet people you connect with you ask yourself, “What Does God Want Us to Accomplish Together That We Aren’t Able To Do Separately”.

You my friend are now ready to date if you can honestly say you are actively improving in these zones!

If you are still struggling in any of the areas I mentioned above, please don’t hesitate to reach out. I work with singles who are trying to connect and get married to their purpose mates. I also work with couples to divorce proof their marriage. Click the link and let’s see how I can serve your individual needs.

As Always Readers,

Happy Dating,


Your Sista on the Sofa,