The Power of Influence – Community

Hey readers, come close because I want yall to hear me well when I say this.

How you deal with people outside of your romantic relationships will seep into the relationship (your partner ) that you try to hold on so dearly. 

This past weekend we celebrated one of my best friends birthdays, it was such a great experience. I truly believe because she is a selfless person, and pours into so many people with a true spirit of generosity, the love she received on her birthday are connected to the seeds she constantly plants. 

It seems to be a no brainer but people are constantly rejecting the idea of creating meaningful relationships with others outside of romance. 

And that is a problem. 

Here are some reasons why community is important for your life in general and not just romance. 

Community will challenge you to be a better version of yourself and for my believer to be more like christ. Your community helps refine you, pushes you to be better and because people are not perfect, to practice extending grace. Sometimes daily depending on the person and how they are connected to you. 

Community is a great support for practical needs. Especially during the pandemic it was so helpful to know people were looking out for you by buying items, picking up medicine, etc. In this time period really showed how essential community is to our well being. 

Community is essential when it comes to emotional support. The truth is some burdens are hard and heavy, and as much as we hate asking for help, we can’t do things alone. God has a way of using his people to pick up that weight. Rather it is prayer, financial support, or someone just calling to make you laugh and get you out the house. It is valuable to your emotional well being. 

Community is our reminder that two are better than one, because there is double the strength, double the stamina, and double the talents within a unit of people. Within the context of community we’re given the opportunity to discover our gifts and our talents, and to use them to bless others. Without my community the birth of my ministry Sistas on the Sofa would not be a thing. I wouldn’t have this opportunity to rebuild and restructure the family unit without my community! 

Community calls us out of our self-centeredness and self-absorption by giving us the responsibility to look outward. Without my community I would still be very selfish. I learned from so many of my friends and significant others to have a heart that gives and seeks out opportunities to do so. 

Community is our reminder that power is in us joining together, making each other accountable. This is how we overcome and break generational curses.

Community helps fulfill that need to be loved. The truth is men and women crave love.  God gives us the gift of each other as a way to meet our earthly needs for love and don’t forget the greatest command was for us to love others this same way. 

Community brings forth healing. I have overcome some of the hardest seasons through my life with the help of an appointed Godly community. 

Community helps us overcome conflict. Lets keep it real with any group of people there will be conflict.  The truth is we are called to work through division, which requires us to implement conflict resolution. If you are so used to ending things due to your lack of communicating through hard issues, in your marriage the same thing will appear. God is strategic so be mindful of who, how and when he places people in your lives, there is probably an opportunity to grow.  

Community allows you the opportunity to forgive. I haven’t shared this with many but I recently experienced the death of a friend. We weren’t as close as we were in the beginning but I remember the day and the moment I chose to forgive her. I was reminded of the love that I had for her as one of my first friends in college and I knew at any moment if she needed anything, I would be right there. There is power in forgiveness and I don’t know how much guilt I may have experienced if I had let pride stop me from being my authentic loving self. 

I want to close with this often times, I see people craving after a big group of friends and family. Steward over what you have been given in the present season and watch it grow. If you are looking for a relationship coach that cares about serving you as a whole person click the link in the bio. I have some special events lined up for my current clients and future ones and I don’t want you to miss out on it. 

As Always,

Happy Dating,


Your Sista on the Sofa,