Grief and Relationships

Grief is tough especially while doing it alone, but imagine sharing a space with your partner who is grieving. 

As your divorce proof relationship coach, my mission is always to try to get ahead of the problem. The reality is that a lot of relationships  fall apart after one or both spouses suffer a significant loss. Any type of setback can be traumatic and difficult to overcome to a marriage that’s already on shaky grounds.

How Can Grief Impact a Marriage?

Experiencing death or another devastating type of loss can lead to depression or anxiety by one or both spouses. Grief can significantly impact a marriage, and surviving it will depend on how you react to the loss, how your spouse responds, and how each of you supports one another. 

What can you do :

Try to avoid marital problems while your spouse is grieving. This may feel impossible, but with the right supports in line, it may be beneficial. 

Offer support. My biggest suggestion is meeting a need, I like to reduce the feeling of being overwhelmed, so I try to support by taking something off your plate. 


Meal services

Cleaning services

Assist with paperwork

Household chores 

Physical comfort 

Stay committed to one another by not looking outside of the relationship and focus on receiving and accepting support from your spouse. .

Create a safe space

A person who is grieving will experience a wide range of emotions. Rage is a common effect of grief that may manifest when least expected. Set boundaries for your grieving so that you maintain a certain level of respect and distance when needed.And remember that creating a safe space  for grieving is not only about protecting each other from physical or psychological harm but also includes encouraging intimacy and time together apart from your grief. 

Cultivate a culture in your home that your spouse knows its ok to take a moment away. 

While grieving, it’s easy to become irritable, angry, or defensive. Honor your grieving processes and allow each other space to grieve. Your partner may choose to grieve apart from you and may grow distant from you during this time. They may be shutting themselves away from you until they get a better handle on their grief.

Redefine your vision as a couple once grief has been processed. A major loss can change us, its ok to see back down and figure out how to do life differently after a loss. 

Finally After tragedy strikes, a marriage may feel like its going to end. When your emotions are all over the place it is difficult to come to a rational decision. A grief coach or relationship coach may be beneficial. If you follow me on instagram or want to please check out my upcoming live, as I sit down and have a Kandid Konversation with a grief coach. It is essential to remember not every counselor or coach is trained in the specific needs of those who are grieving. I recommend booking a consultation to get more clarity on how they can better serve you. 

If you are ready to divorce proof your marriage and attract/ keep your forever plus one  please feel free to book a chemistry call. I look forward to serving you personally. 


Your Sista on the Sofa,