Divorce Proof Your Marriage with Gratitude Rituals

One relationship killer is the lack of rituals.

Rituals of connection are an important tool for successful relationships and a way of regularly connecting with your partner that creates safety and security within your union. 

In “The Power of Habit” author Charles Duhigg explains that habits are crucial to success in all realms of our life. Overall, they make us more productive and healthier. I couldn’t agree more. 

So what if we decided to incorporate rituals and gratitude together, how much more impactful would that be? 

Here are some ways of being  intentional about gratitude

Send cards with a personalized message

Make someone’s day by writing them a thank you note. Be specific about something your loved one  did or said that made a meaningful impact on you. To make it extra meaningful get the kids involved or add your pet paw. Whatever you can think of, authenticity is the important piece here. 

Use birthdays as a way to say thanks

Everyone deserves to feel special on their birthday. I started this tradition at one of my friend’s 30th birthdays. I’ve carried it on year after year, everyone goes arounds and shares what they are grateful for when it comes to that person.. 

Stay tuned for next week’s blog, I am going to be highlighting a couple who embodies, showing gratitude through birthdays. 

Create your thank you gift

Show gratitude by creating a gift basket. I love making them. One year I created a self-care gift basket because I saw a need. He was always working so hard and I wanted gift him things that required him to slow down and enjoy all of his labor. This is definitely a ritual that I do consistently in all my relationships. 

 End every night with an expression of gratitude

Last one and you guessed it, couples or family guided meditation. The meditation videos, have moments of opportunities where you can share and express how you are grateful for something your loved one, did that day. You can also incoporate this in the shower together or a bath. 

I’m planning another staycation because that’s my business, but I am going to do an affirmation bath. 

In the tub, I’ll look him in the eyes and share how grateful I am for him.

His selfless heart

His love for his family 

His dedication to teaching others with no ill will alternatives 

How much he respects me…. Etc 

Remember beautiful people When rituals of gratitude are a normal part of both your routine and your special events, you connect with those around you in a way that uplifts everyone. The experience you share with your partner and/or your children becomes a meaningful time of bonding. So say thank you, say it often, and say it together these are literally the seeds that will help nurture and cultivate healthy relationships. 

Ready to divorce proof your marriage and attract/ keep your forever plus one? Schedule a chemistry consultation and let’s see how I can serve your relational needs. 

As Always, 

Happy Dating, 

Your Sista on the Sofa,