Love Challenge – Be Intentional

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This past six days, I challenged my sistas on the sofa community to a 7 day love challenge. I want you all to participate if you hadn’t so make sure you check it out and get started. 

Today is day  7 and it is all about intentional planning 

I had the honor of serving a particular client. Who takes time to implement what she has learned in my “Divorce Proofing Marriages Signature Program”. 

So today I wanted to share with you all the steps needed to plan something special to serve your future forever plus one and your current forever plus one. 

Find out what is  meaningful to the person being celebrated? Do they like party games? Would a quiet dinner with three friends be more fitting for them? What kind of attention can they tolerate or do they crave? What activities would make for a fun event for them,

Her theme was work hard and play harder because he had accomplished a few major milestones. It was his birthday and she wanted to celebrate it in a fun way. 

Keep in my mind the snacks and foods that they like, lol not you. 

My client made sure to capture all of his favorites for the party. 

Ask yourself how can they be remembered or honored on this day? You are gathering to celebrate their birth after all, and it’s a good opportunity to reflect on their impact in this world. Why not make a list of good memories or provide an opportunity for guests to write some down? Remember to honor them also by not doing what might embarrass them. 

She curated a playlist to tell him 28 reasons why she loved him!

Remember to ask yourself the following questions when it comes to intentional planning. Can I give an experience or my time over things? Is there some place nearby they’ve always wanted to go, something they’ve wanted to try, a lesson they’ve wanted to take? What free opportunities can you find? I’ve tried to move toward offers of things that we can do together. Sometimes this can be a loving, sacrificial gift if it’s not one of your interests. For gifts you should always study and know  what each other’s interests are or what they are moving toward and try to support that.

My client knew her man is moving towards entrepreneurship so she got him gifts to support him that way. Including a shirt with his business name on it!!

She moved with so much intentionality and I am so proud to have served as her relationship coach. 

If you need help with showing up intentionally in your relationships, don’t hesitate to book a chemistry consultation. 

I am serious about divorce proofing marriages and helping people attract or keep their forever plus ones. I’m looking forward to showing up and doing the same for your marriage. 

As always readers, 

Happy Dating, 


Your Sista on the Sofa,