If I had 72 hours in Houston (Girls Trip Edition)

Hey everybody I hope you all are enjoying the holiday season thus far. 

Today’s blog is a travel one! 

I recently went back to Houston to celebrate my friend’s birthday. 

It was a little different from the last one because it was a girls trip. 

So we stayed at the C Baldwin Hotel

Perfect location to everywhere we went

Super cute and modern. 

If you can get the top floor rooms for great views of the city. 

I love the common areas too great for photo opportunities! 

They also offer a very sexy dining experience. It was giving very much south beach but in Houston! 

All I’m saying is stay there the next time you visit Houston. 

Where we ate

So if you aren’t new to the blog then y’all know how much I appreciate some good food. 

Friday night we visited Kiss it is a very swanky dining experience. The food was really good, I had vegan kabob, collard greens and I tried crab beignets which were amazing. 

The music was so good and I loved that the crowd was all us ( Brown and Black) . Dallas is more diverse which I do love but when I travel especially eating at upscale places, I do love to see my people. 

So if you are in the Houston area be sure to check out Kiss. 

Saturday we attempted to eat at Phil and Derek’s which is a brunch buffet apparently it was a mix up with the reservation and it was never locked it. No problem they owned a place next door called speak easy and we ate there. I loved the 10 dollar champagne bottles lol it made the dining experience extra enjoyable lol. The DJ was great and we had the best veggie egg rolls. Someone said the shrimp and grits were awesome as well. I mentioned Phil and Derek in my last blog, it’s a Houston Staple so check it out or go to speak easy ( support black owned businesses) . 

We ate at the Breakfast Klub leaving the airport. It’s not as good as the local one but definitely worthy of a stop if you have time to spare before heading back home. 

Where to play: 

So unlike the first blog we partied a lot! 

Saturday we went to Seaside. Connected with a group of young black boss baes from Virginia. 

We did eat there as well. My friend had the oxtail fries and they were amazing. I was iffy about bar food but they were so good. 10/10 recommended. I got some crab egg rolls they were good but rich so I wouldn’t recommend if you aren’t a seafood lover. The music was ok definitely for a younger crowd 21-28. 

Sunday we went to playground lol 😂 known for 2 for 300 CasaMigos bottles. This venue is so cute. I love their movie inspired bathroom and all of the child like memories of the furniture. The Merry go round, swings, fake grass, benches. They were really intentional with their planning and you can tell. 

The DJ was amazing. This crowd probably ranged from 25-35 ish and up if I had to guess. 

They didn’t have food on the inside but they had a Frenchy’s food truck outside and you can walk back in with your chicken box 😂. 

If I could redo the trip over, I would recommend going to a Sunday day party and doing a late dinner on Saturday but overall it was a good girl’s trip. 

Traveling is good for the soul, I tell my couples to travel often and if they can with other people even better. 

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As always, 

Happy Dating, 


Your Sista on the Sofa,