12 Date Night Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Hello readers, I am back. This week we are discussing Valentine’s Day night ideas. My goal is to not make these dates complicated but fun and something new to try. 

First up, plan a staycation. The good news is Vday falls on a Monday and Superbowl weekend is that Sunday. So plan ahead and book a room somewhere you two can enjoy the game together and spend the evening and morning indulging in one another’s presence. (fellas yall owe us women because we have been real patient during football season lol). One thing I love about staycations is the newness of everything and how it can improve intimacy on all levels. 

Dine in-concert. Those tiny concerts on youtube are the perfect way for you and your significant other to connect. Get dressed up, order small bites lol because I don’t know about yall, but I don’t really eat at concerts, have yourself a cocktail or two, and enjoy some classic music like you were front row at an actual concert. Perfect for a Monday night date. 

Sometimes after a long day, it is easy to not really want to plan, plan, I get it. So this is for my chill couples, plan a cozy romantic night in. Bring your mattress in the living room, grab your favorite movie snacks and watch your favorite rom com. Simple but cute and the mattress allows you to cuddle up in different positions while you watch the movie. 

Go roller skating if the weather permits. Find a nice park in your area, grab some skates and get active. (if the weather permits of course) 

Karaoke date night anyone ? This is a good one especially if you can get other couples to join in, if not no problem, you and your spouse can enjoy taking turns singing your favorite songs together. This is definitely a low maintenance date night idea. 

Yall know I love nature, so any date that includes hiking in a scenic area, I am all about that. It may be exactly what you need after a hard work day or call in and take a walk during the day. 

I love creating, so any type of painting with a twist is fun. You could even turn your place into a trap and paint party. This date does require getting the materials in advance so keep that in mind if this is something you want to try. 

One of the biggest issues I see in my private practice with clients is selfishness. It is ruining marriages(or trying to at least). I always say the antidote to selfishness is serving. So create care packages for the homeless or nursing home patients. Take them out on Vday to brighten up someone else’s day. 

Find a recipe on youtube and a how to video of that recipe, and cook a meal together. This is one of my favorite activities to do, because it connects the couple and helps you operate on a team level. 

Make  a charcuterie board and pair it with your favorite wine. While yall are creating the board be sure to listen to some of your favorite love songs, maybe stop to share an intimate dance together. 

If you both agreed to take Monday off, take a bike ride together and stop at your favorite park and enjoy a romantic picnic together. If the weather is still bad in your area, create an indoor picnic and order your favorite food from a local restaurant. 

We just had an ice storm here in Dallas. So many people were making warm hot breakfast. If this is something yall usually skip, enjoy breakfast in bed while listening to or watching something funny together. 

Finally if you are able to get away to a cabin nearby, I suggest disconnecting from the virtual world and enjoy a weekend of camping. It can be cabin style or tents, make sure to plan games, meals and create a signature couples vday cocktail while you are away. Don’t forget to take pictures or it never happened. 

Date nights are not meant to be complicated at all, just intentional. Connection is essential in a healthy relationship, oftentimes without it one or both partners may feel abandoned, neglected and forgotten about. So make sure you are showing up for one another. 

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As always readers,

Happy Dating, 


Your Sista on the Sofa.