Euphoria Cast Zodiac Predictions

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Raise your hand if you are a fan of the show Euphoria? Listen I am hooked ok, so I thought it would be fun to write a zodiac character predictions of the cast. (honestly can’t even believe tomorrow is the season finale). 

If  you are new here, welcome. I love using the zodiac signs as a way to acknowledge character traits and then bridge the gap between the couples. 

Todays blog is just for entertainment: 

Let’s jump right in and start with Rue: I believe Rue is a scorpio and here’s why :she is strong, intense, charismatic, she an extremist who is into dark and twisted things, she doesn’t crave others approval, she is loyal, and she’s smart lol she is really convinced that lady to give her those drugs. 

Jules: isn’t obvious? Jules is an Aquarius, she’s eccentric, innovative, unique, ( look at her hairstyles and clothes), once their mind is made up, there isn’t any persuading them (hce Jules leaving Rue at the train station. She’s not overly emotional which makes sense that Rue felt like she sucked the life out of people. Aquarius are known for being cold or aloof, so for  passionate scorpio like Rue, Jules may feel close but still so far away. 

Cassie- The gemini is adaptable, curious, even though she was in a relationship she loved to keep her options open, she is kind but also known for a sliterness or detachment in nature making it easy to move on to the next best thing ( Maddie’s man ). 

Maddie_ I’m sure we could all guess Maddie was a fire sign but due to her loyal nature, I am going to say she is a Leo. First of all if know one else said we know most Leo’s think they are the center of the universe lol that’s Maddie. Like most Leo’s she has a boss like stance, she is confident, bright, embodies her sex appeal naturally, at her worst like other leo’s she can be controlling, possessive and jealous, but most importantly she is loyal!

Kat: is a cancer, she is a ride or die friend, she is dramatic, attention seeker,moody, she’s charming and somewhat of a manipulator. 

Nate: his furious attitude,emotional yet dark nature is an Aries. Nate is so raw with his emotions, needs, and DEMANDS but on the contrary he can be warm, compassionate and competitive (which is usually derived from his own insecurities). 

Mckay: he is strong, determined , realist ( yall remember that moment he did the math to figure out his probability of going pro?) definitely a capricorn. 

Fez: he is extremely laid back, loyal, super analytical, observant (yall see how he got Lexie), he is definitely a Taurus ruled by the material things (money) but also sentimental and values family blood or not. 

Lexie: I mean only a Pisces can create that type of imagery from a play and make it come to life. She is an old soul, lol why do you think she started crying watching “My Girl”.A true romantic at heart.  She is super compassionate, mystical and empathic. She is my favorite lol. 

Ashtray: honestly is a harder one to gauge. I’m going to say he is a Taurus like his big bro. Doesn’t say much, but is definitely ready to go to defend his loved ones. 

Elliot: is a Sagittarius he has no filter, easy going, hes lively , hates rules and constraints, he’s philosophical( lol thats why he went deep with Jules in that conversation) and I mean he’s super adventurous, if I am not mistake he did get the truth or dare game started. 

Ali: Rue sponsor is a Libra, he is super diplomatic, he is a bridge builder, a great listener, he is empathic and understanding, searching for fairness in all situations.   

So how did I do? 

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