How to Stop Mothering Your Husband

Hey Readers, I am back this week. I thought it was important to discuss the demise of a marriage, that some people may miss. 

The idea of mothering your man. If you follow me on social media I shared some ways you can mother your man like nagging or literally saying things like “he’s a child, a boy, an additional chore”. These statements can emasculate your spouse.  

If you are new here my goals as a relationship coach and counselor is to equipp couples with the necessary tools to stop detrimental behaviors. 

So here are a few tips on how to stop mothering your spouse. 

First up, be aware of how you communicate with your spouse. Tone matters, body language, timing, etc. Make sure that you aren’t communicating in a tone that you would communicate to a child in. Be mindful of the words you do use because you don’t want to be demeaning. 

I share love deposits every week because it is important to show appreciation to your spouse. If you take on the perspective or mindset that      “this is what you are supposed to be doing”, then it can also come off as demeaning, making your partner feel undervalued and you will probably continue to nag but if you shift your mindset, search for opportunities to show and express gratitude, I promise the fussing will diminish and you will feel better about it. 

Work as a team: meaning share household responsibilities. It is common for women to fall into a mothering role when they “believe” they are doing everything. One benefit to marriage check ins is to see how smoothly things are being run in your marriage. If something is in fact becoming overwhelming, this is the perfect opportunity to share with your spouse what you need and desire going forward.  

Finally carve out uninterrupted time to date and romance one another, it is hard to see someone as your child and a romantic partner. Most importantly, time and space is needed to connect outside of the “business as usual” talks. So date and date often, your marriage will thank me later. 

Are you ready to divorce proof your marriage and attract or keep your forever plus one? If you answered yes to any of those questions, book a chemistry consultation. Let’s see how I can serve you and your relational needs!

As Always, 

Happy Dating, 


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