Beauty…… What is beauty? I guess it depends on who is observing! There’s a saying, I always heard as a young girl, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. How do we view what is beautiful? For most of us beauty is seen in the outer appearances of people, things and places. Beauty is recognized mainly by our sight( seeing) it’s not like the other senses that we are born with, I mean if you hear someone describe a waterfall and how magnificently beautiful it was to them and as you begin to imagine what the waterfall was like, I wonder if the beauty would be the same…..

The reason I ask the question is because we can see the same thing but view its beauty totally different? When I was a young teenager, beauty to me was every glamorous picture perfect models I saw in the magazines. The combination of the clothing, hair, height, etc that was my idea of beauty. By the time I was in my early twenties I had defined beauty as perfect! There were no flaws, no imperfections, not one hair strand out of place you had that face on every day!! Shopping for the hottest fashions l saw this as beautiful (So) I believed. Was beauty only in what I could see? So how about what you don’t see? Like the first time I heard the heartbeats of my babies during my pregnancy or the smell of rain on the hot pavement in a summer rain storm. I begin to understand beauty is not just the superficial outer appearance that my eyes can behold but it’s also what my heart can behold. I begin to see beautiful in a very different way, Beauty to me is a story…. it leaves imprints in your heart and you will never forget, like the early morning sunrise against the dusk of the sky that is giving away from night to day or the elderly lady whose face holds a story of life in the lines that are etched around her face like a map and each line is a path of her life. Your four year Old’s hand-print traced on art paper that says, “Mom I lov you”( lol). I have found beauty in dead trees that’s stretched across the land, which at one time it stood beautifully with life, yet its beauty remains lifeless where it has fallen. What is beauty to me? Beauty is my heart feeling like everything I’m seeing is like the first time, but different over and over again! Men looks at the outward parts but God looks at the heart. Let us try to find beauty in all of God creations by looking beyond the outward appearance!

Dear heavenly Father, help us to see that our beauty is not defined from our outer physical appearances, titles, money or anything else that falsely has us believing that we are beautiful but from our inner self(letting our light shine,being a good witness, displaying the fruits of the spirit. Remembering that the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, is of great worth in God’s sight! Amen (1 Peter 3:3-4)

Sincerely, a Sista on the Sofa,