2020 Vision

I’ve been in prayer for a few weeks about what to write about first in this new year of 2020. Talk about pressure but one thing that I appreciate about carving out quiet time with God is all the nuggets he drops into my spirit. I’ve been reflecting on prophecies that my Mom and one of my close friends revealed to me.

I remember Ashley telling me I was going to be an entrepreneur and traveling the world at speaking engagements. That I wouldn’t be retiring from education. I laughed in my mind, first all the thought of that was terrifying. I’m like there is no way, but now I’m a witness to the seed being planted and the birth of Sistas On The Sofa soon followed it. People haven’t necessarily been the most supportive of this vision. I can understand why. God didn’t give it to him, he gave it to me.  God has been growing me in so many areas and even with my promotion last year, he has broadened my horizons in preparation of what is next to come.

My mom shared with me her vision of Sistas On The Sofa as well. She said we were going to be on TV. I remember years ago when she said God told her she would speak to nations. I checked our blog stats and saw that people from across the world were reading our blog. My mind was blown, but for some reason hearing I was going to be on TV was intimidating. I ignored that idea and kept working. I had a whole lot of parents and children come into my office that same week. I was venting to my friend Ebone, about not feeling like I can do enough, being limited at work. She encouraged me to start sharing my gift and birthed some new ideas for Sistas On The Sofa. TV came up again as well and I saw the complete vision. Yall don’t understand how full I feel with excitement and joy of what is to come. I don’t know all the steps, but I recognize I have to do the following things to get there.

Write my vision down and make it plain. I heard my Michael Todd say it in a recent sermon which was confirmation of what God had me do.


Next pray over it and believe in a radical way that it will come to pass.


Be obedient and cast out any doubt and fear. If God tells me to talk to this person (I hate talking to new people or in general lol so I know its God pushing me out my comfort zone) I have to listen. If he tells me to write about something, I must do it. If I need to eliminate things, fast whatever I will be obedient.


Finally continue to seek God’s face daily, I need his instruction since I don’t have a step by step plan. I can’t not hear from God if I don’t spend time with him and be intentional about what that time looks like.

So, my question to you all, is what Vision has God given you for this year? Will you trust him and surrender your will for your life over to his will? Remember where there is no vision the people perish. 


Father God I ask that the readers learn to lean into what you have called them to do? Understanding that your plans may be scary, may seem unrealistic or reachable, but that’s when you do your best work. In the moments where you people can’t see it any other way, you show up and say not so! I am that I am. I want us in this new year to recognize your power within us and know that we can walk boldly into the vision you have set before us. It is in your name we trust, amen!


Your Sista on the Sofa,