Budget Friendly Date Ideas

This week twitter was in a complete uproar over the “60-dollar date budget”, which prompted me to write this post. February is all about love and I’m here to spread it. So, this month I wanted to share some budget friendly date ideas.

  1. A picnic at the lake. This is such a simple idea and fortunately enough we are surrounded by lake options in the North Texas area. I’ve been to quite a few lakes and it something about the water that is so peaceful. I did a poll on my Instagram page and the picnic on the lake was by the far one of the most popular option for ideal date nights.

Suggestions: I recommend finding an old deck and going around the sunset if possible. Again, this is meant to be budget friendly so keep the food simple (sandwiches would work perfectly or even a fruit or cheese tray). Find a comfortable but stylish blanket (because let’s be honest the vibe is everything). You can elevate the vibe by adding candles, fresh flowers and a playlist ready to go. If you prefer a wine, feel free to add that in the mix.

  1. Indoor Picnic. This is a top date night on my to do list. I’m not sure what is appealing about this date night, but I believe I’m really drawn to the simplicity of idea.

Suggestions: I recommend again a nice blanket or a comfy rug. Some tea light candles, ideally for me Chinese food because it is my favorite (well runner up to soul food) I would love that for our indoor picnic food but select what best fits your budget and personalities. I wouldn’t endorse this idea for the first date because it may make some women feel uncomfortable, so this is a date idea for my seasoned couples. Finally, I recommend using some conversation starters to dig deeper when it comes to intimacy outside of being physical. Feel free to email me or dm me on my social media pages to get more ideas on how to build intimacy through conversation.

  1. Waffle Bar Group Date Idea: I love group dates; I think it is important to surround yourself with like-minded individuals and group dates are a perfect way to connect with not only your spouse but your close friends as well.

Suggestions: Have everyone commit to bringing a food item (toppings, waffle mix, waffle makers, champagne, and orange juice). Yall know I’m competitive so I would pair each couple up and everyone would have to create the perfect waffle. The game would go as followed: You pick a number, as each person is grabbing their number, you can choose the toppings. So, if you pick first you have the most and best options and of course whoever goes last will have slim pickings, having to be creative as possible with flavoring. You can blind fold the players to do a taste test and who ever gets the most votes will win a gift card to a restaurant for a date night. This date not only forces you to work with your spouse but also incorporate creativity, along with fellow-shipping. I love being around other couples because you really can learn and grow with one another.

  1. DIY Sip and Paint: I’ve done a few sip and paints, and I absolutely love them. I never knew how relaxing painting was until I tried it. So, I figured why not set up your own version of sip and paint. You can do it at home or if you have an open space i.e. (backyard, courtyard, clubhouse etc.). This date idea is budget friendly because when you and bae are finished with your paintings you can gift them to one another just in time for Valentines Day.

Set up: one long table and fold-able chairs. Tablecloths (dollar tree), to protect your tables and floors, I was researching, and it is better to find an all in one paint kit. I know Valentines Day is right around the corner so I would suggest ordering online at Amazon. You will also need an Easel, a blank canvas, two paper cups for you paint brushes and water, and you can’t forget the wine. I recommend painting something new, it is black history month so that would be great idea to narrow down your options. Once your painting is dry, wrap it up and exchange your paintings with one another.

  1. Ice Skating: I love being active. I didn’t grow up playing on a sports team but I always playing football, basketball, volleyball, softball or running for no apparent reason. So that part of me remains and I’ve never been ice skating! I think it is the perfect date night and an inexpensive date at that.

Ice skating allows us the opportunity to be youthful, physical and embarrass yourself in a good way and get you out of your day to day comfort zone. After you exerted all your energy make sure you slow it down and end the night with a warm dessert or hot cocoa. This is definitely a date night I’m looking forward to having soon.


Although the twitter debacle was probably a joke, it made me realized how many people think you have to spend a lot of money to have a nice date. I create post like this to inform us and bring romance back into this new age dating scene. Remember no matter what stage you are in when it comes to dating, the goal is to be intentional. I hope this post was helpful and let me know which date ideas you liked the best and which one you are going to go on next?


Father God my prayer is that we shift our dating culture. A lot of men and women are both frustrated and truly believe they are wasting their time. I pray that people start to seek you first and be in alignment with your will when it comes to dating and love. My prayer is that these date ideas encourages couples to step outside of their norm and grow together to strengthen their marriages or relationships. Healthy couples are the foundation to reshaping this generation and I want to always be in accordance to walking in my purpose and serving in this area. In Jesus name amen.



Your Sista on the Sofa,