Valentine’s Date Outfits

Outfit number one is ideal for winter date activity like ice skating/ or a lunch date where you want to be casual but still sexy : A simple black crop or black t-shirt preferably a one piece paired with a black jeans , black boots with a fashionable jacket. You can shop this look on the following sites:

Outfit number two again is perfect for bowling, going to the movies or to grab a quick bite of food: A neutral color long sleeve crop and some cute bottoms. You can shop this look on the following sites:

Outfit number three and four are perfect for a brunch date. In Dallas my favorite thing to do is brunch, so I’m always looking for the perfect brunch fits. To shop these looks go to the following sites:

Outfit five and six for an upscale dinner or night out listening to music: to shop this look go to the following sites

Outfit seven and eight are ideal for physical or outdoor activity: To shop this look go following sites

Lastly outfits nine and ten for those cozy at home date nights but you still want to put effort in looking cute :

If the hyperlinks don’t work correctly please feel free to copy and paste it in your search bar and it will take you directly to the outfit. Let me know which look was your favorite ? Happy Dating!!!!!!


Your Sista on the Sofa,