7 ways to create a loving home environment

I believe by focusing on our families and creating love in our homes, that we create a world will full of love. I want to share 10 ways to create a loving home environment.

1. SHOW PHYSICAL AFFECTION: Research has shown that children who are touched physically by their parents once a day, are happier and feel more loved. There is a special bond between parents and children when you give your child a hug, a high five, a kiss before bed. Doing these small things even with your spouse is a sure way to create a loving mind!

2. THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK: If you speak before you think about what you‘re going to say, you do not take the time to consider what words you will use, what these words will mean to another person, or how they will feel about what you‘re saying. You are not reacting by thinking. It is simple for people to say or speak how they feel, instead of taking into consideration the lasting effects of your hurtful words.  

3. Affirm: When we are speaking of love, your words are way to build people. Words are powerful. They can be a force for bad or a force for good. Words can tear down or build up. The world is full of downers, naysayers and mean-spirited criticizers. Let your home be a place of good spirits, so love pours out.

4. HAVE A FAMILY NIGHT ONCE A WEEK: find a specific night, once a week, that can be considered “Family Night.” On that night – do something FUN together! By having that specific time set aside to be together, your family relationships will be able to grow. Make sure you unplug to set the tone that have they undivided attention. It is a perfect way to demonstrate a loving home environment.

5. Prayer: Take the time to pray out loud as a family and even as a couple. It strengthens your home and your family.  

6.SAY “I LOVE YOU” EVERY CHANCE YOU GET: You really can never say those three words enough. Say it to your spouse. Say it to your children. Say it to your parents. Say it to your friends. Let those around you know how much you care for them. Never let them question or wonder – make sure they always know they are loved. Say it when you see each other, say it when you leave each other, say it on the phone, say it in person – it may not be easiest but get in the habit of just saying it.

7. Finally Laugh: a home filled with lots of laughter is a home full of joy.

Doing these small things often showing your family that they love you, showing your family that there for you. Encouraging them and making them laugh. Remember the world is filled with love when there is a home filled with love.

As always happy dating!


Your Sista on the Sofa,