If I Had 72 Hours in LA Here’s What I Would Do

First of all let me say this, s/o to all my fellow educators in the world. 

Whew this has been a pretty overwhelming start to a school year. Many educators and honestly non-educators are just getting back into the swing of things.

But a lot of people including children are feeling burnt out. So I thought to myself a mini vacation is a perfect reset. I’m always looking for ways to fill up my love bank and my loved ones love bank so I planned this trip. 

If I had 72 hours in LA here’s what I would do. 

One of my favorite things about LA is the multiple options to stay. I usually stay in the downtown area near the Stapleton center. I love that area, there is a Target nearby, bowling alley, restaurants, movie theatre and food truck. All within walking distance because if you know LA traffic then you already know if not lol I recommend using rideshare companies to get around. 

The West Hollywood area has all the hot restaurants so hotels in this area is also a great idea. 

I fell in love with the airbnb properties in Manhattan beach (also a dope area) and of course Malibu. 

You see what I mean so many options to pick from. 

Next ( What To Do) 

Friday Morning: Go hiking at Runyon and enjoy lunch at BossANova located in West Hollywood.

Friday evening make reservations at one of my favorite restaurants TAO 

If you haven’t been there, it has the dopest vibe, the music is great and they even have a super cute selfie cam near the restrooms so you can capture memories with the people you love. 

Saturday morning go and enjoy a beach day. I have been to several beaches in California near the LA area but Manhattan beach is my favorite and the perfect vibe. So many cute brunch spots walking distance from the beach and the food is always good plus so many options for our vegan and vegetarian friends. 

You can also checkout Santa Monica (more attractions for kids) or if you want a busy fun vibe check out Venice Beach. 

 I saw someone rent a slingshot in a vlog and drive up the coast to NOBU in Malibu. I was like by far that’s definitely my ideal date night, Asian food, beautiful views and my favorite person or people you can’t beat that. So I am going to add this to my things I am doing in October. 

Sunday wake up and go to brunch at another fan favorite Catch LA. 

Depending on when you are leaving, schedule a spa day after brunch before your flight and you can come back to reality refreshed and ready to conquer life’s sweet realities. 

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As Always, 

Happy Dating, 


Your Sista on the Sofa