Help I am in a Sexless Marriage

I watched an episode of Real HouseWives of Potomac. One of the ladies on the show, Ashley, was blessed with her first child after trying for a while. The fear of potentially losing her baby slowed down the sexual intimacy in her marriage. Unfortunately that carried over after the baby was born. Ashley started to feel a disconnection with her body and was not into sex.

The aftermath of her decision led to infidelity in her marriage.

Because of the kind of work I do as a relationship coach and counselor, my goal is to provide preventative care as much as possible. That’s why I stand on divorce proofing your marriage. So the goal today is to highlight some things that may cause you to be in a sexless marriage and how to turn over a new leaf with your spouse.


Loss of attraction 

Resistance, resentment, rejection, repression 

Loss of physical passion 

Loss of commitment to understanding your spouse

Feeling like compatibility is no longer there 

medical conditions

physical distance

How to fix it:

If you are new here you know how I feel about the power and influence of femininity. Hear me out: 

The energy you put out into the world matters, not only to and for your relationships, but to all of your life goals. So balancing the feminine and masculine energy within your home is essential to getting out of the sexless rut. If you are still unsure how to do this book a chemistry call with me so i can help. 

Date, date, date, this helps keep the excitement within the home. Often times couples get comfortable. I watched a girl snapcaht video last night she mentioned how she had been running around looking like Cleo from set it off, her dude said “ baby I love you regardless”. Which I’m sure he did but his excitement changed when he saw her looking a different way. So get dressed, keep the mindset that someone is peeping your dude, or your woman, and you want to remind them what they still have at home. Stay on your toes. 

Start to communicate on an emotional level, a lot of times, especially for women but even men, that emotional intimacy is missing. There are so many cards out that help you connect on a deeper level, you will be surprised at what things you may learn about your spouse and the spark that ignites on a physical level. 

Sex and intimacy aren’t the same thing but they are interwoven with one another.  Sex is tied to intimacy, which is tied to how much you’re willing to give of yourself. If you’re not willing to share your truth and be empathetic to your partner’s truth, you’ll never be able to fix your sexless marriage.

Lastly, be open to embracing changes. You are not the same people when you first met and that’s ok. It is all about being intentional when navigating through your new season. 

If you are looking for a relationship coach and counselor, that will help you walk through getting out of yoursexless marriage. Book a chemistry call. 

What is a chemistry call?

It is where you and I talk for 15-30 minutes to see my signature program Divorce Proofing Your Marriage and Attracting/Keeping Your Forever Plus One is right for you. 

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