16 Winter Date Night Ideas

Hey readers, I am back this week with another blog!

First let me say Happy New Year! 

I thought it would be fun to start the year off with some winter date night ideas! 

Currently in the Dallas Fort-Worth area it is 20 degrees, so yeah it feels like winter where I am at. 

Yall know I preach a lot about divorce proofing your marriages one sure way and probably the easiest is carving out intentional time for dating. 

So here are a few ideas that you or your husband can plan this winter. 

  1. Go ice skating, especially if it is something you have never done before. You don’t need to be a pro skater. The best part about this date in my opinion is the opportunity you have to physically connect and the trust needed that your partner won’t let you fall. 
  2. If cold weather is not your thing and your mood is slightly off, book a quick vacation to South Beach or if you have your passport Mexico! Both are super affordable last minute trips and if you feel like your marriage is needing some spontaneity go ahead and take this random trip. Your marriage will thank me later. 
  3. Here is an easy one, if you are a movie lover like me (I like quality movies too) so I am really selective. When I do pick a movie to watch, I make it a movie theme night and pick a gourmet meal that matches the vibe of the movie. For example romantic comedies like Sex in the City and Chinesse food seem to just go together. So if you feel like relaxing and staying in, definitely recommend just a chill movie night (please put your phones away). 
  4. Get dressed up and go wine tasting. There are alot of places that offer wine tasting and charcuterie board preparation. The wine will warm you up and give you all the feels, for you and bae to connect. 
  5. If you aren’t new here then you know how much I love no tech time. Put your phones away and host a game night. Here are some games I suggest playing together : trivia games, jenga, connect four, truth or dare. I suggest searching amazon for ideas if you are looking for new games to play together. 
  6. Plan a spa day. It can be at a nearby hotel or a day spa, either one is a great way to connect and unwind together. 
  7. One killer in marriage is selfishness, y’all know my antidote to selfishness is serving others. Find a local agency with a cause that you both are passionate about and give back to the community. This will boost your mindset to a place of gratitude and allow you and your spouse to connect on a deeper level. 
  8. Set up a competitive bowling date night with yourself or invite others. To add some fun make it to where the winners pick what the losers have to do for them!
  9. Laughing is always good for the soul, look up your local comedy clubs and find a show to attend. Don’t forget to dress up!
  10. This is for my active couples go indoor rock climbing, movement is so important for your mental health but also a healthy sex life, so get active and do it together. 
  11. Cook a cozy meal together and create a signature cocktail (mocktail) together. Meal plan kits like Hello Fresh are perfect for cooking together but youtube also has so many recipes for free. Just set aside time to get the ingredients, create your “let’s chill”, playlist and vibe out. 
  12. Go snowboarding or skiing in Colorado. If you haven’t visited, now is a good time to enjoy the winter activities and the hot springs together. Colorado is super inexpensive when it comes to traveling. So plan a trip and enjoy the snowy mountain views. 
  13. Y’all know how vital guided meditation is to me. Enjoying a couples yoga class could be a good centering activity together and then a hot tea or coffee date right after for a chill day date experience. 
  14. I’m really a big kid at heart. So anytime I can relax and laugh at an arcade is and will always be fun to me. Keeping a child-like spirit allows you to relax and not take every moment in life so seriously. So find an arcade and take a moment to enjoy each other like you did when you first met and yall to-do list wasn’t mountain high. 
  15. Go to a sporting event. I know I booked tickets to see the Suns versus the Bucks play in Arizona because we have never been and we are also staying at a luxury spa resort. You can go to another city like me or stay local, I think the experience either way is always fun!
  16. Yall know I am a super foodie so any opportunity to get dressed up and go try some new food at a restaurant will forever be fun to me. Ladies and gentleman when doing this date night, rent a car service (uber black), get dressed up, ladies wear his favorite color and hairstyle, with the scent he always compliments you on and gentleman put on your finest, get a fresh cut or line up, and wear that scent that makes her want to kiss on you all night. This is how you date night. 

If you are looking for a relationship coach, here is your opportunity to divorce proof your marriage and attract/ keep your forever plus one. I am passionate about keeping couples together and I look forward to serving you. 

If this blog resonated with you, book a chemistry consultation and let’s see how I can serve you in the near future. 

As always,

Happy Dating, 


Your Sista on the Sofa,