4 Ways to Improve Any Relationship with Gratitude

Hey everybody. I really have been a spirit of gratitude for the past few years, but more specifically 2020 has taught me to appreciate everybody and all the small moments. I know tis has been a frustrating year and sometimes we can get so caught up in all the bad things that we have going on instead of focusing on what’s going right even when it comes to our relationships. Did you know gratitude can significantly improve your satisfaction when it comes to relationships with others?

Here are four easy ways to show gratitude to those around you

Say thank you

Saying thank you in my opinion is the most overlooked way of expressing gratitude.  After a while, you may begin expecting your loved ones to do particular things and forget to say thank you out of habit.  Not even realizing the power of “Thank You”, Even if what they did was as simple as holding the door for you or making you dinner, say thank you. People like to feel appreciated for what they do. There is nothing wrong with allowing them to continue to feel that they are contributing to the health of the relationship and their actions please you.

Be Specific in your praise

Be specific in how you express appreciation for your spouse. Don’t just say that you’re happy with them. Say instead, “I appreciate that you listened to how I felt about my day, I know it may seem small to you, but I appreciate how attentive you were. Not only does this promote positive reinforcement within the relationship but being specific with feedback carries more weight emotionally. In return creating a space where your loved one knows you are grateful for them.

Compliment your loved ones

Let them know their qualities that you are most grateful for. Even if you’ve said it before, say it again. Your loved ones need to hear the things about them that you love. Sometimes we get to focused on the qualities we want to change about people instead focusing on the qualities that we value the most. Last night I was having a session with a client and I had her do a gratitude exercise. It was amazing to see the spark happen when she started to view her loved one in a different light. I think in a healthy unit it is essential to focus more on compliments than issues. Of course, don’t ignore them but don’t let it be your focal point.

Express your love for loved ones in a way they will receive it completely.

Again, if you are a faithful reader than you know that I am believer in love languages. When showing gratitude, I think it is important to show you are grateful for a loved one by presenting it in a way they will receive it. For example, I had a friend who Husband really goes out of his way to look out for everyone around him. He was frustrated which is fair because he had a lot on his plate at that time. I suggested to help remove something off of his plate immediately to show gratitude and let them know I see and recognize how hard you are working. (acts of service). Small love tokens like this throughout your week, month etc., is a great way to express gratitude and create a thriving home environment.

A lot of times, one key component within a relational system that typically is related to conflict is feel undervalued and not appreciated. Incorporating these 4 techniques creates a rhythm within a relationship that is a constant reminder of my appreciation of you. It truly creates an environment of generosity. So, as we close out the month and even the year of 2020. I want this to be a daily mantra for you in the workplace, with family and friends, and your home to truly wake up with a grateful heart and direct that attitude to those around. And As Always Happy Dating!


Your Sista on the Sofa,