6 Lessons I learned from Disney Pixar Movie Soul

It is extremely rare for me to watch a movie that isn’t from the 90’s or early 2000’s that holds an impact on me the way Disney’s Pixar Soul did. At the top of the year, we are so goal oriented and task focused, I thought sheading light on my perspective of what the movie was trying to teach is important. I know typically I discuss relationship topics, but I want to make this very clear, the most important relationship you can ever have is with yourself first. Oh yeah if you haven’t seen the movie please stop what you are doing because this is a spoiler alert. Go read the movie and come back.

First, I want to say how excited and grateful I was to see characters in a movie that represented black culture from our features, to our music, the way we dressed and one of my favorite scenes the barbershop. I always say representation in order for us to love ourselves we have to been seen in a light that promotes positive outlooks. I love seeing the women wear their natural hair, or the highlighting of our curves and unique features. Everything about the illustration of this movie gave me life. I truly Stan!

Another scene that impacted me was the scene of the Lost Souls. Initially I was thinking to myself wow this is scary! As the guy continue to guide the main character and explained how people ended up there, I had a reflective moment. As a counselor it is easy to see adults getting caught up in other things like sex, drugs, relationships, gambling, or anything that temporarily feeds their soul. They are disconnected from life, honestly searching for things that they can’t quite put their finger on. This scene reminded me of the importance of being connected to something that is higher than you, God. When you allow his love to embedded in you, you truly won’t be lost for long, or searching for things outside of you.

Next lesson, understanding how unique and wonderfully made we are. I think a lot of times we forget and people now days especially because of social media get caught up in the deadly game of comparison. In the movie they showcased what I called the baby souls getting their personalities. Everyone was assigned something with a mix of good traits and challenging traits. Again, the way God designed you, is specific and valuable to you walk here on Earth. Stand firm in who you are, work on the things you don’t like, but remember you are one of a kind. To me that is my superpower and it should be yours too!

Which brings me to my next point. Plans can change and that’s ok. There is a scene at the barbershop where the main character Joe discovers his barber didn’t always want to be a barber. What I know to be true is, when something is put inside of you even before you are born, that gift will shine wherever. Dez the barber still has the ability to change lives not only physically (helping people look good on the outside) but the messages he shares in the chair can impact his customers lives on the outside. Sometimes we see a vision one way, but God can have a totally different plan. 2020 taught me the power of the pivot and this scene is a good deception of what that really looks like.

What of the most impactful lessons is slowing down and enjoying the small things in life. 22 the new soul appreciated every waking moment that New York City had to offer. I remember when Quarantine first hit and everything besides the essential places were open and we still had curfews in order. I went on walks, they all started initially from me wanting to stay in shape and get some vitamin D, but I quickly discovered a newfound love for life itself. It was almost like an awakening; I remember walking an appreciating every small detail I saw. I started taking pictures and created my own personal album, to remember a time when life slowed down. I think when we try to speed through life and try to hit our next goals, we miss out on the true beauty of life which is to live and enjoy the big and the small moments.

Finally, one of the most valuable lessons is understanding that our sparks (music, acting, writing, dancing etc.) aren’t our purpose. But our purpose is to live. Live with no distractions, cherish the small moments. I believe as we live life, and stay connected to our source our God, he reveals your purpose. Remember it is easy to not recognize the greatness that already surrounds us because we are always so caught up in arriving to our next destination instead of appreciating the joy in the journey with where we already are.

So, as you create your visions for the New Year and get ready to crush all the goals you set, remember to enjoy life, laugh louder, love harder, breathe deeper and live every moment out loud.

As always readers, Happy Dating!


Your Sista on the Sofa,